April 12, 2021
Why Journaling is a Good Habit

Why Journaling is a Good Habit

Journaling is a healthy habit you can start incorporating into your morning routine. It helps you hit refresh on your mood and gives you a chance to step back from your problems. All you need is some paper, you don’t even need a journal or a notebook to start journaling, and something to write with.

Start Your Day Off Right

When you wake you, you should feel refreshed from a good night’s sleep, but what if you had a restless night and woke up stressed out about work or an exam? You can take five or ten minutes to write about what you’re feeling. Removing those thoughts out of your mind and putting them onto paper will help you start the day off better even if you originally woke up feeling down. Even if nothing is bothering you when you wake up, it’s important to journal anything that’s on your mind. When you have a clear mind, you can think better and feel ready to tackle the day. Also, leave yourself some time to journal what you’re grateful for because practicing gratitude is a positive habit that will help you remember what’s important in life and block out the noise of stress and doubts.

Find Clarity

Stress can creep up from out of nowhere, so it’s important you take just a few moments and journal it out. It helps to put what you’re feeling into words because it can help you realize that your worries were irrational or simply beyond your control. Finding clarity through journaling is one way to keep your mind sharp and your emotions balanced. It’s great to talk things out with your friends and family, but sometimes you don’t want to bother others with what’s going on. That doesn’t mean you should ignore what you’re feeling, it just means you need another outlet that’s just for you, and that can be journaling.

Manifest Your Thoughts

A big part of journaling is the realization that you can manifest your thoughts into tangible actions that you can carry out to live a more positive life. Writing down your thoughts, a to-do list, your goals, and dreams, all these things are being put into the universe when you write them down. Journaling also keeps you accountable for what you want to accomplish whether that’s a simple or big task.

Feel Better and Start Journal Today

Habits aren’t built in a day, so if you start journaling today and making it a point to add it to your morning routine, you’ll be ready to take on the day with a clear mind. The next time you’re in a funk, not feeling your best or just feel overwhelmed by your thoughts, sit down and journal.