March 4, 2021
Alcohol - Amusing but to the Point Dont Try This At Home

Alcohol – Amusing but to the Point, Don’t Try This At Home

How many different messages do we need in order to remind us that we shouldn’t drink and drive? We all know it’s the wrong thing to do and we shouldn’t get behind the wheel when we’ve reached above the legal limit of alcohol, but the reality is we shouldn’t get behind the wheel when we’ve had only a single drink or a couple of them. The difference between what we’re normally capable of and what can happen when we’ve had a few drinks is incredible, making it nearly impossible for you to have the reflexes and reaction time you need.

The statistics are staggering and show us that we shouldn’t ever get behind the wheel when we’re drunk. The negative and harrowing sights of a drunk driving accident might have us thinking that this can’t happen to us and feel that we are better drivers than those that were behind the wheel in the accident wreckage that we see. The fact is, while you might be a good driver; careful and cautious on the road, there are other driver’s out there that you’re going to need to avoid and having your own faculties impaired won’t allow you to react the way you need to.

Take a Lesson from One of the Best – Alcohol & Cars Don’t Mix

The late Charlie Goodman was considered one of the top driving instructors in Canada for many years. This qualifies him as certainly one of the best drivers that we’re going to see. In a video, linked below, that was taken at a time when cell phones weren’t around to distract many drivers, Charlie took to a closed course and a bottle of whiskey to give us an example of what can happen when you head out on the road.

First, he sets a time without taking a drink on a course he’s driven many times in the past. After only one drink you can see that his time is worse and he has slowed and missed a couple of points during the course. Add another drink and his driving gets worse while continuing to drink and try and accomplish this route which eventually he is unable to do. The simple message shared during this video is that you can quickly become intoxicated beyond the ability to drive and only one drink can impair your judgment and reaction times.

With all the distractions we see on the road with other drivers, cell phones, food, drink, construction and debris that can be part of the experience of getting from one place to another, it doesn’t make any sense for you to get behind the wheel when you’re reflexes will be impaired from alcohol. Let someone else do the driving, assign a designated driver, take away the keys of those who are drinking, and help keep everyone safe to be able to live and enjoy another day. You’ll certainly be glad you took the driving away from someone who’s been drinking and in the long run, so will they.