April 12, 2021
GPS Talk - Can You Survive Without GPS

GPS Talk – Can You Survive Without GPS?

How reliant are you on that smartphone in your pocket? Most likely this is not just a mobile phone, but the device that’s linked to your social media, email, texting and various apps that you love to use. Are you a person who loves to put in the destination and let the GPS tell you where to go? If so, you’re pretty much like nearly everyone else on the roads around you today. The need to have a GPS and be able to know where you need to go and where to turn has allowed us to get places faster and more efficiently, but it’s taken away some of what we used to rely on.

How is Your Internal Compass?

When was the last time you drove several hundred miles without the use of GPS? Many of us wouldn’t even attempt this drive at all. We feel like we need the alerts and the information along the way that tell us how to get where we’re trying to go. It’s easy enough to get in the car and take a ride while allowing the GPS to tell you where to go, but try doing this with a paper map instead of an electronic system.

If you take paper maps along with you for the drive you’re going to make across a state or multiple states, you’ll have to do two things. One of those things is that you’ll have to know where roads turn and when to exit by mapping out your route before you head out. The second thing that can happen is you’ll have to pay attention to signs along your route so that your internal compass can come back into focus and begin to work the way it used to before you started to use your GPS on your phone or in your car.

Can you Actually Make this Drive Without GPS?

If you expect your map to tell you where there are hotels, restaurants or stops along the way, you’ll be disappointed. You might even have a hard time finding paper maps that can be used when you drive, but you can find them. Once you do find the maps you need and know that you need to pay attention to the road signs in order to get where you need to go and be able to stop where you need to for food, gas, and sleep.

Yes, you can make the drive in your vehicle without the use of a GPS system and with the use of a paper map. Doing this will remind you of how this type of driving can be done and make sure you have the skills needed to get where you need to go in the case of a lost or broken cell phone or a lost signal for your GPS system. You’ll love the old feeling you get of being able to have this drive and this performance that reminds you of how driving used to be done when people had a much better sense of direction.