April 14, 2021
Butcher Box Delivery Service

Butcher Box Meal Kit Service

There is a mail order service for virtually everything these days.  They have monthly subscriptions for alcohol, homecooked meals, makeup, fitness supplies, razor blades, and dog treats.  Major grocery chains are setting up delivery services so people can have fresh food with a few simple clicks and there is no need to haul your own groceries into the house.  Omaha Steaks has been cornering the market on mail-order meats for years, but now there is something new on the scene; Butcher Box.

Where Blue Apron and Hello Fresh send you all of the ingredients and the recipe to create your own meals, Butcher Box still bets on creativity in the kitchen.  Their subscription service offers high-quality and grass-fed meats delivered right to your door.  For a monthly fee, subscribers can get fresh meat in a number of different cuts and different proteins.  The biggest critics are asking why we’re unable to shop for our own meat, but here are some of the advantages of ordering through Butcher Box.

The Numerous Benefits

  • Different Options – People who subscribe to Butcher Box have two different choices for their boxes. There is the curated box that comes in two sizes.  With this box, the people behind the company choose the cuts of meat for you.  This box is designed to introduce people to proteins and styles that they’re not used to and they make an effort to balance it as best they can.  There is also the custom box, which comes in two different sizes as well.  With this selection, customers can choose the cuts of meat they want.  If you want all ribeye steaks, you’re free to make that choice.
  • Fair Prices – The classic box at $129 provides twenty-meals and between eight and eleven pounds of meat. The big box costs $238, but it provides sixteen to twenty-two pounds or meat, or 48 meals.  The big box is considered the best bang for your buck.  Now you’re probably doing the math right now and figuring you can get your meat cheaper elsewhere, but it won’t be the same quality.
  • Quality Meats and Cuts – The beef isn’t pumped full of hormones and it comes from cows who are left to graze naturally. Only when the weather doesn’t permit open grass grazing are the cows given other supplemental grasses or hay.  However, they remain grain free.  The chicken comes from one of two sources; free-range organic chickens or pasture raised chickens.  In both instances, the chickens have plenty of room to roam, socialize with other chickens, and are able to go outside.  Their pork comes from pasture or farm raised pigs who are not given antibiotics or other drugs to promote weight gain.  All of the suppliers are certified humane farmers and no cruel practices or unnatural feeding is permitted.
  • Options – There are several cut options available for each type of protein, including burgers, different steaks, and roasts from the cow. Want some sausage, ribs, and a nice pork butt?  They offer over ten different choices for pork lovers.  With several different cuts of chicken, white meat eaters will be in heaven.
  • Add-Ons – Each month, subscribers will be able to select from certain add-on products like burgers, filets, or breakfast sausage to round out their box. They also offer cool incentives for signing up like a free pound of bacon.

Whether you choose all chicken, beef, or pork or a mixed box, the Butcher Box is sure to satisfy all of the meat lovers in your home.  What Butcher Box can do that your local stores probably can’t in ensure the highest quality, healthiest meats right to your front door every thirty or sixty days.