September 19, 2021
Helping Hands to see us through the negativity online

Helping Hands See Us Through the Negativity Online

The world today is in a bad way.  We are inundated with negativity on a daily basis; on the news, on the internet, and everywhere we turn.  If we’re unable to escape all of the hateful things going on around us, what are we destined to become?  The outlook isn’t all that spectacular when you think about it.  Kids are growing up in the age of war, racism, division, and political unrest.  While this is nothing new, we didn’t have hundreds of forms of media blasting only bad news at us on a regular basis.  These kids can’t even log in to their social media accounts without seeing someone splashing hatred all over their wall.

In this world turned cold, however, not all hope is lost.  It’s true that we all have a hard time finding the positive aspect of the things going on around us, but if you take a look you might find there is something good in this world.  It may not be all that evident on the surface that people still have the power of love within them, but it’s there.

A Ray of Hope

If you look at all the natural disasters that have taken place already this year, it looks like the world is doomed.  The current political climate isn’t all that spectacular, we still have troops spread across foreign soil, and attacks are happening on a regular basis it would seem, but take a look at what’s going on outside the news.  People are banding together to help out their fellow man.

Hurricane relief efforts in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida are astounding.  People are taking time out of their busy, electronic-laden lives to help out where they can.  Whether its providing food and shelter to those who lost everything or assisting with clean up of demolished businesses or homes, people are getting out and doing what they can.  Kids are organizing drives to collect clothing and other necessary items in order to provide for people who don’t have anything left.  So just when it looks like all hope is gone, we can still see the slightest glimmer of hope.

When the President was elected, women of all shapes, sizes, origins, and religions banded together to protest what they believed would be a misogynist reign.  Where some women prefer to be catty and keep other women down, these women came together to support a common cause.  They saw injustice and atrocities on the horizon and stepped outside of their busy lives to say they weren’t going to take it.

Helping Hands, Writing Letters

There are still letter-writing campaigns to support our soldiers overseas, organizations like Habitat for Humanity are still going strong, and people are still lining up to give their own blood for someone else’s benefit.  In the world we live in, the small victories have to be celebrated as we already have far too much to focus on that’s ugly.  We must look at the silver lining more often and appreciate that there is still something good left in this world.

It’s not easy to see positivity around us when the media is telling us the world is a mess, but we have to try to look past what we’re being told.  Rather than believe everything they say, we need to find our own bright spot in the world that makes us celebrate what we love about the world we live in.  Our children are not lost causes, there is not only bad in this world, and the faster we see it, the better off we will be.  All is not lost, you just have to open your eyes.