March 4, 2021
Five Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

Five Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

There are many people around the country who won’t have a good Thanksgiving, and you can find a way to give back and show you care.

The word Thanksgiving means “ the expression of gratitude” and it offers an opportunity for all of us to show appreciation for the blessings we have while returning the kindness to those in need.

Create an Attitude of Gratitude and Give Back

When your goal is to find a way to show that you care and give back to your local community, especially to those in need, you’re going to find more than five ways to do this. While that’s certainly the case, let’s take a look at five ways that you can easily give your time, energy, and resources to help those who would otherwise go hungry this year.

1. Organize a Food or Clothing Drive

Whether your goal is to help the homeless or those who are simply less fortunate than you are, it’s important to bring others in your community together to help. Organize a food drive in your neighborhood with easy pick-up and drop-off times and places. Make it a drive that allows your neighbors to put a box or bag of nonperishable items on their doorstep for you to collect when it’s time.

For clothing drives, a central location at a school, civic center, or local business can be the perfect place to have items dropped off. This could be a great way for a local business to get involved and donate more toward your cause.

2. Runa Turkey Trot to Give Back

There are several local charities in your area and possibly some people waiting to have surgery or medical care because they lack the funds to pay for the necessary care. Organize a Turkey Trot and raise money for these charities or people in need. This gives you the chance to burn off a few of the pre-Thanksgiving pounds you need to get rid of and have some fun at the same time. How far should you run? The distance truly doesn’t matter, but most Turkey Trots are one mile, 5K, or 10K in length.

What matters is the fun you’ll have and the money that you can raise to donate to the organization and enjoy some time with your family and friends.

3. Spend Time with Elderly Shut-Ins

Some people are unable to leave their homes for the holidays and may have family living in other states or no longer around at all. Give back by spending some time with the elderly in your neighborhood or visiting a long-term care facility. Bring some food, flowers, or some games to play while you spend time with them.

If you have the capability, and your neighbor is able to leave their home to drive to yours, you could invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner. If not, consider delivering dinner to your neighbor during this holiday ad stick around to spend some time with them.

4. Give Back by Volunteering at a Local Food Bank or Soup Kitchen

The holiday times are a great time to give back and it seems that food banks and soup kitchens are busier than ever at this time of year. Whether you spend time organizing the food, stocking the shelves, serving a hot meal, or delivering items to those who can’t make it to the location to get the meal they need, you’re going to make a difference.

Food banks and soup kitchens rely on volunteers to help them offer a better Thanksgiving to those in need. Give them a hand this year.

5. Spend Time With Long Lost Friends or Family

Do you have family members you haven’t seen in a while? Are there friends in your area that you haven’t gotten to see in a few years? Contact them and invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner. This is a great way to give back and give of yourself to people you know and love. Get reconnected with some of the people that you’ve lost touch with over the years.

This is a great way to give yourself a little something as well. You never know how these friends and family will receive your invitation and what they will bring for you to share.

Give Back and Make a Difference This Year

You can’t solve the hunger or homelessness in our country in one day, but you can make a difference to one person on a special day. Give back this Thanksgiving by doing something for someone else who might not be looking forward to a good holiday season.