June 30, 2022

Great Pets For a New Family: 9 Family Pets That Bring Endless Joy

Getting a family pet is a perfect way to bring extra joy, laughter, and love into your household. If you’ve got a new baby in your household, or are a family looking for your first pet, there are some animals that make for better pets than others. Let’s go over some great options to consider when you’re looking at different family pets.

1. Set Up a Fish Tank

If you’re new to pet ownership, then you simply can’t go wrong with introducing a fish to your family. Fish are perhaps the easiest type of pet to take care of. They require very little maintenance, do not need lots of food, and so long as you keep up to date with regular water filtration, aquarium cleaning, and feeding schedules, you can have a great family pet to call your own.

There are so many varieties of fish species you can look into with some fish being much easier to take care of than others. Betta fish require such little care while offering a mesmerizing experience to your little one. For even more allure, you can even set up aglow in the dark fish tank with neon fish.

2. Adopt a Cat

If you want to have a furry friend but also don’t want to deal with too much maintenance, having a cat is your best bet. Unlike dogs, cats won’t require as much attention from you. Cats are pretty awesome around kids as well, seeing as they can be very kind and gentle, especially if you let them do their own thing. Between hypoallergenic Siamese kittens to adorable Persian cats, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right kitty for your family.

3. Adopt a Dog and You’ll Have a Companion for Life

Keep it traditional and consider adopting a dog as a family pet. If you’ve never had a dog before, you can look for breeds like labradors, golden retrievers, beagles, or even poodles. If you have a new baby in the family, then looking for a puppy that will grow with your baby can be such a sweet way to introduce a new family pet. Otherwise, it’s always great to look into adopting dogs who need a new home. Visiting your local SPCA is a great way to find a furry friend your family will love for years.

4. Rabbits

If you have older children and are looking to instill a sense of responsibility in them, then a rabbit may be a good choice for a family pet. Rabbits are a good way for kids to learn how to take care of an animal because they’re such a low-maintenance pet. Rabbits are easy to feed, take care of, and are overall low maintenance. They don’t require much work, but will still be able to instill a sense of confidence in your child. Plus, they don’t take up much space and can easily be set up in your child’s bedroom.

5. Guinea Pigs

Much like rabbits, guinea pigs can be a great low-maintenance pet that helps teach responsibility and instill confidence. There’s a reason why guinea pigs are a popular classroom and home pet. They’re super fun to play with, easy to take care of, and provide a great deal of entertainment. For kiddos who really enjoy getting creative and are hands-on, they’ll certainly love putting together a guinea pig home complete with play tubes and hamster wheels.

6. Birds

If you don’t mind chirping and want to add an element of tropical flavor to your home, then pet birds can be a great addition to your family. Much like dogs and cats, birds come in a variety of species making it fun to shop for the right one for your family. Popular starter birds include canaries, budgies, parrotlets, and even doves. If you want something more exotic, you can even look at cockatoos or parrots. Birds can be a really fun pet to have especially if you train them, but they do require a bit of maintenance.

7. Hermit Crabs

If your child is insistent on having a pet, but you don’t necessarily want one for the whole family, then a hermit crab can be a great compromise. Hermit crabs are inconspicuous while still maintaining that super cool factor. This is a great pet to keep in your child’s room because it requires low maintenance and allows your child the opportunity to take care of a pet on their own. The best part about having a hermit crab is that you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy one. If you live near a body of water, this can be a great pet to seek out and “adopt.”

8. Turtles

If you’ve had a fish before and want to amp up your aquatic game, a turtle can be a great pet to call your own. Much like fish, turtles are incredibly low maintenance, but some species will require a little more care. The hardest part about having a turtle as a family pet is the setup process. Building an appropriate terrarium and giving your turtle a healthy and balanced diet are the main hurdles you’ll have to face. Once you’ve got their habitat set up, you’ll have really peaceful, slow-moving creatures as part of your family.

9. Hens and Chickens

This one might be a little bit out of the box, and it’s certainly not a pet option for everyone. However, if you are able to pull it off, hens and chickens can provide an endless source of entertainment and even nutrition (if you have ones that produce eggs that is). Chickens are ideal to have if you have older children who love the outdoors and enjoy taking care of animals. Chickens require a routine schedule in which they’re fed, cleaned up after, and cared for. In order to pull off having chickens as pets, you’ve got to have the right amount of space for them as well. While you don’t need the most spacious backyard, having a space for them to roam around is a must. This can also be a great family pet to have because from building a coop to tending to them to collecting eggs, there are so many great opportunities for family bonding experiences.

Pick the Right Pet For Your Family

Knowing your needs, what your family wants, and the types of pets you want to have are all important to consider when you’re deciding on a pet for your new family. We hope this list has helped you explore different options as you narrow down your search.

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