September 25, 2020
Is Kodi Really That Great

Is Kodi Really That Great?

Everywhere you look these days, someone is selling a jailbroken Firestick. Some people are asking $40 and some are asking over a hundred, but they’re out there and readily available. While the legality of said devices is still up in the air, it’s not a secret that a lot of people are snapping them up as fast as hackers can “break” them. Never before has piracy been so accessible as Amazon’s handy little streaming device has made things. It’s not only Amazon devices that can be jailbroken, however, so everyone is catching on to a little program called Kodi. Kodi is the program from which all of your chosen content becomes unlocked. Using the base program, you’re able to download add-ons which deliver exactly what you want. For example, if you’re a sports fan whose games aren’t televised in your area, you’re probably going to want Sports Devil or some similar add-on. Here’s the catch though, you can’t get any of that stuff without first downloading Kodi onto your device.

If you’re entranced with the idea of your jailbroken device and you’re recently cut the cable cord, then Kodi looks pretty good. It’s the gateway to nearly anything you could ever want to watch, but there’s a lot about Kodi that people aren’t telling you.

It’s Really Not

First of all, the program is glitchy, AT BEST. If we’re being completely honest, there are a lot of bugs within the Kodi program that need to be worked out before anyone should start singing its praises. Sometimes when you’re trying to install an add-on you have to try several different times and even then it doesn’t work. While this isn’t always the fault of the program itself and sometimes the add-on you’re trying to install has been discontinued or pulled off the internet, it’s still super frustrating and leaves a lot of people questioning if they did something wrong when trying to get it, which leads me to my next point.

It’s super complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have a basic understanding of technology, Kodi is relatively easy to work with. However, if you’re not familiar with a word like repository or if installing something from zip file sounds like Greek, then it’s not so simple. Programming inside Kodi can be a little bit complicated and there are a lot of steps to take to get where you want to be. Finally, when you do get the add-ons installed, they’re not all that noteworthy either. Sure you can watch movies that are playing in the theater right now. However, unless you’re jazzed about watching the new Fast and Furious movie filmed from someone’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it’s useless. The add-ons themselves are super glitchy too. Sometimes they can’t find a stream, sometimes you have to register your device to get there (which is ill-advised), and sometimes it just can’t find what you’re looking for. They’re actually kind of a pain.

Kodi isn’t worth the penalty should the powers that be start cracking down on jailbreaking. As of right now, it remains a gray area and people are being left alone, but that isn’t going to last. As soon as the technology catches up with the moneymakers on television and films, something is going to happen to stop people. There are enough legitimate streaming programs out there that won’t get you fined if they decide to start cracking down on people, and Kodi is such an imperfect program it isn’t worth the risk.