September 20, 2021
Scenic Diversity Awaits You During a New Mexico Vacation

Scenic Diversity Awaits You During a New Mexico Vacation

If you’re looking for a great place for your travels this year, a vacation to New Mexico might be exactly what you want.

This state offers the scenic diversity you’re looking for, the culture you want to immerse yourself in, and the environment that can make you want to live there. Let’s take a look at some of the top attractions that await you in New Mexico.

A Favorite Among Tourists is Carlsbad Caverns National Park

There are nearly 120 caves and underground areas found at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. You’ll be amazed at the rock formations, the carved limestone deposits, and the ancient seat that makes this area look like a world that’s much different from the one you find above ground. Enjoy taking a self-guided tour or let the Park Service offer you a tour where you can learn from the rangers.

Take a Look at White Sands National Monument

When you’re on your vacation in New Mexico, you much see the White Sands National Monument. This is one of the most amazing landscapes this state has to offer and it’s located half an hour southwest of Alamogordo. Surrounded by rugged mountains, you’ll see the beauty of the white gypsum sand that creates a landscape with dunes that reach up to 60 feet high and are constantly reshaped by the wind.

Travel to Albuquerque in the Autumn

Every fall, the world’s largest hot air balloon festival is held in Albuquerque which is attended by more than 80,000 people each year. This tradition began in 1973 with only 13 balloons and now more than 500 participate. The festival lasts nine days, which could be the perfect amount of time for you to have your New Mexico vacation this year. Take the kids and enjoy the beauty of the city and this incredible event.

You Have to See Bandelier National Monument

This monument is a 33,677-acre preserve that shows you some of the most amazing landscapes in New Mexico. During your vacation, you can see how volcanos formed the area and how the ancestral Pueblo people created homes in the region. Several remains have been found with structures, people, and homes that were carved out of the volcanic rock that makes up this massive park.

Admire the Simple Beauty of Taos Pueblo

When you’re in New Mexico, you can stay I the city of Taos and enjoy your vacation in the area. Just outside of this city is Taos Pueblo which is the oldest continuously-inhabited home in the United States. These homes have stood for more than 1,000 years and are made of straw-reinforced mudbricks and timber-supported roofs. Nearly 150 people live in this old town all the time with 2,000 more living on the massive property surrounding the area.

Ride On the Cumbres-Toltec Scenic Railway

Take a train ride and see some of the most scenic areas that New Mexico has to offer. This railway is a narrow train that takes you through the Cumbres Pass and the Toltec Gorge where you’ll see the amazing views of the land around the area. This is the highest steam-powered railroad in the nation and it can be a thrill as it crosses Cascade Creek at 137 feet in the air.

Make a Ski Vacation in New Mexico at Taos Ski Valley

A popular ski resort is found in this Southwestern state. The Taos Ski Valley is a beautiful resort with mountains that have the hills you want to ride. Bring your skis and stay at the lodge during your vacation. You’ll be amazed at the amazing terrain and the beauty of the area when you make this your destination during your annual travels.

Enjoy the Historic Culture of Pecos National Historical Park

This park is where we see what was once one of the largest Native American pueblos in New Mexico. This area was inhabited from the 13thcentury to 1838 with a large population. The park has been expanded and now encompasses 6,600 acres with a visitor center and park information for you. Enjoy the Ancestral Sites Walking Tour where you can learn more about the people who once lived here.

Stop by the Billy the Kid Museum

One of the most famous, or infamous, names from the Old West was Billy the Kid. He is buried in the small town of Fort Sumner where you’ll find the museum in his honor. This museum has his rifle, horse-riding equipment, and the original Wanted poster for this outlaw. Your New Mexico vacation can’t be complete without a stop at this museum.