September 19, 2021
February Could be the Right Month for Your Vacation

February Could be the Right Month for Your Vacation

We made it through the holidays, handled January, and now it’s February. Now may be the time to head out on a vacation and have some fun.

Although the shortest month of the year, it’s often one of the dreariest, especially when you live in an area that can be hit hard by winter storms.  This is the month that can be the perfect choice for you to take a vacation and have a lot of fun, even with the COVID-19 restrictions in place. Here are some great vacation ideas for you.

Now is the Time for Your Hawaii Vacation

Escape the cold temperatures of the north and find your way to the tropical island state of Hawaii. You’ll love the beaches, the warm weather, the culture, and the beauty offered by the string of islands that are part of our nation. This could be a great place for your Valentine’s Day excursion or just a great way to beat the winter blues.

Several Amazing Ski Resorts in Colorado

When you love the snow and can’t seem to get enough of it, February could be the right month for you to get away and go skiing in Colorado. This is the peak season for this activity, which makes it the perfect month to enjoy time on the slopes, in the ski lodge, and by the fires after a day in the white powder.

Find Your Imagination in Orlando

You should take your February trip to Florida, but not just the coast, go to Orlando. This is where you can find the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Legoland to name just a few of the places where you can have some fun. With kids in school and mild temperatures, you might find short lines and a great time that will tickle your imagination and remind you of the wonder of being a kid.

Go See the City with the Golden Gate in February

Even though San Francisco is in the northern part of California, the average temperatures in February are in the upper 50s. This mild weather allows you to decompress, enjoy the relaxing city, and take in some fun. The San Francisco Beer Week is in February every year, which makes it easy to enjoy the celebration and fun.

Hit The Slopes in Utah

If you don’t want to head to Colorado but you still want to enjoy some skiing fun, the slopes around Salt Lake City could be right for you. Several great ski resorts are found in the area and the temperatures are a bit milder than in some other mountain areas of the country. Take your ski vacation to Utah during February and come back home with stories to tell your friends and family.

Get Away for Some Romance in Savannah

The oldest and one of the most charming cities in the South is Savannah, Georgia. This city offers you Southern elegance and architecture wherever you look. You’ll love the various foods, amazing shops, and festivals that take place. If you’re looking for Valentine’s getaway, this could be the right city for you to rekindle that romance that you’ve enjoyed with your partner.

Yes, You Can Vacation in Minnesota

When you want to enjoy a winter wonderland in February, the city of St. Paul does things right. Even though they receive lots of snow, they are great at keeping the streets clear which allows you to have the benefits of both open streets and winter beauty. You’ll be glad to be there during the Winter Carnival and enjoy the fun of a celebration of the coldest time of the year.

Head to the Desert at the Right Time

The heat in Phoenix can be daunting in the summer, but February could be the right month for you to take a trip to the desert and enjoy the mild temperature and a beautiful city. Travel around Arizona and take in the sights that can only be found in a desert setting. You must see the Grand Canyon, but also will enjoy the fun of the celebrations that take place during February.

Make February Your Vacation Month Every Year

Many of the destinations on this list are much more affordable during the month of February. Now is a great time to get out and see what’s offered around the country. Whether you’re looking to get away from the snow and cold temperatures or you want to get more of this white stuff, you can find a wonderful place to go and make the most of the shortest month of the year.