September 20, 2021
Sears Sells Tires Through Amazon To Save On Overhead

Sears Sells Tires; Through Amazon To Save On Overhead

We’ve known for many years that going to Sears to have our tires changed and have our vehicles serviced has been a fantastic option for automotive maintenance, but Sears has fallen on hard times over the past several years. This is only one of many retailers that have seen the waning customer interest in brick and mortar stores in favor of online shopping. This change in the marketplace has caused Sears to look for another place to find the sales that will aid in bringing in the revenue desired to help turn things around for their business.

With this in mind, Sears has partnered with Amazon last year to begin selling the Kenmore line of appliances through the online marketplace. This has been a huge success and with a name that’s as highly recognized and trusted as Kenmore, it seems Sears had found a path toward profits that can help the company rebound and hopefully begin to grow. With online sales of appliances through Amazon a success, Sears began to look for another way to sell items online through this service that would help customers have what they need.

The Sears Tire Sales Process Through Amazon

Unless you’re a mechanic or want to take a set of tires to a shop to have them installed on the wheels that are on your car, the typical Amazon shopping experience won’t work for you. Imagine a set of tires being delivered to your door by UPS and you might smirk a little at the size of the packaging that it would take to make this happen. Instead of a partial service program, Sears and Amazon have partnered up to give you a full tire service program that will ensure you get the tires you want and drive away on new rubber.

In order to have the tires being sold on Amazon in this partnership, you have to order the tires through Amazon and have them installed at one of the nearby Sears Auto Centers. The brand of tires that are being sold right now are the DieHard brand of tires. Once you make the order, you will be emailed three possible appointments by your nearby Sears location to see if one of the times works for you to make sure you can have the tires you need put on your vehicle. After you confirm the appointment you can head to the auto center and have the tires put on your vehicle.

Right now there are 47 Sears Auto Centers around the country that are part of this test service with Amazon which will eventually expand to all 400 locations. The locations that are currently being tested are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D. C. You will have to pay the installation fee when you visit to have the tires put on, but you can now order your tires online and know you’re going to have a full service completed via this partnership between Sears and Amazon.