March 5, 2021
Wheel Spin Been Reduced Let Us Count The Ways

Wheel Spin Been Reduced? Let Us Count The Ways

Over the years automakers have worked to try and ride the market of any challenges and problems you might face when you drive when it comes to the wheel. While vehicles are technically made to drive on the roads around us, many have been made for the drive out on the trails and in a variety of off-road situations. Because we like to venture off-road, or can find ourselves stuck in the mud at times, there was a need for a solution to being on the road or off the road and dealing with the fact that you could be stuck in the mud, dirt, gravel or sand.

How were we stuck in the past?

In the past, and I mean distant past, we were stuck in the mud with a system that would send power to both wheels evenly through the differential. This caused one wheel to spin and the other to do absolutely nothing because the power would all end up at the wheel that was spinning instead of being sent to the wheels individually. A solution had to be created to cause this problem to stop happening in more vehicles that we drive.

The development of the limited slip differential was born because we were tired of getting stuck in the mud. This simple but elegant system of sending power to the separate wheels that are on the same axle allowed the power to go to the wheel that needed it to help get out of any situation where the vehicle was stuck. Using this system there would be less wheelspin and more traction created in order to get out of a troublesome situation. This is an item that was created in the early 1930s and has been used in widespread applications today.

What’s Been the Development for the Wheel

In the world we live in today the limited slip differential has been changed and improved to added an electronic control system which allows for the locking action needed to be given when needed for the performance and control that’s necessary. Using this item allows the power to be sent to the wheels the way you need it to as this is part of the driving aids needed for a vehicle that offers an AWD setup or a more dynamic RWD layout that can allow for the power needed where you require it to be for the drive.

Because a limited slip differential is an item that’s been around for over eighty years the applications have been endless. This item has been used in everything from a Miata to Land Rover models to make sure the power needed is put to the wheels where and when desired. It’s amazing that we haven’t had a system that has been created that is better and more effective than the limited slip differential, but this has been one of the most effective items used in cars over the past century. Does your car have this item installed as part of what you use on the road? If not, you might want to make sure your next car has this as part of the package.