March 8, 2021
The Alexa Family

The Alexa Family

There was once a time that we did things without being able to consult the internet. Most of us can remember the days when we had a question about something and we didn’t have immediate access to the answer. Then the internet came along and suddenly, a lot of the answers were right there, at our fingertips. Over the years, the internet has dramatically improved the depths of its knowledge since it became a necessary part of many peoples’ homes, but still we needed something more immediate. Apple’s version is Siri. Android’s version is Hey Google. Amazon has Alexa, and her reach keeps growing wider and wider.

It wasn’t too long ago that Amazon wasn’t the superstore it is now. Sure it was a popular website that sold a lot of books and DVDs, but it wasn’t a powerhouse. For Amazon, their admirable success wasn’t enough; they needed more, so they started making products. First, came their Kindle line of products, then all of the Fire products, and now they’ve created a full line of products featuring their cloud service, Alexa. Here are just a few of Amazon’s products that work with Alexa to meet all your needs.

Hey Alexa

Echo –Shaped like your average Bluetooth speaker, the Echo is in its second generation, but its anything but average. You can use the Echo to make phone calls or send messages. Keep track of your grocery list or reorder Amazon items that you need. Available in six different décor-friendly colors, the Echo will cost you about $100 on a normal day, but they also offer specials if you’d like to purchase multiples.

Echo Plus –Like the echo, but a little bit bigger and a little bit smarter, the Echo Plus has a built-in ZigBee smart home hub. This means you can control all of your smart home devices from your Phillips Hue lighting to your GE appliances. With seven microphones and noise cancellation, Alexa can hear you from across the room. It’s available in three different colors and costs you about a hundred and fifty dollars.

Echo Dot –Want a smaller version of the above two systems that can still do a lot of the same things? Then the Echo Dot is your answer. If you want to have access to Alexa in every room of your house, then the Echo Dot is perfectly priced to do so. You can link your Google calendar, find out the weather before you’re even out of bed, or set up some of your smart devices. Alexa will also tell you the tops deals on Amazon and reorder some of your favorite products. It’s available for under $50 but they offer some awesome bundle deals!

Echo Show –So you’ve purchased the other Alexa enabled devices, but something is missing right? Have you been making a shopping list on your other Alexa devices? The Echo Show can put in the screen for you so you can see if you’ve missed anything. Stream your music from Pandora or Spotify and check out some lyrics you may have been singing wrong all your life. The Echo Show can also run your security camera feed, control your smart home devices, or ask her a question from across the room. She runs about $229, but she’s worth it.

There are two other Alexa enabled devices on the horizon, one that will release by mid-December and the other which is available by invitation only. The Echo Spot and the Echo Look promise to be every bit as capable as the rest of the Alexa line. Users can request an invitation and if you’re chosen to purchase the Echo look, you’ll be one of the first people to own the unique device. Until then, if you want to stick with the Alexa family basics, you can’t go wrong.