September 20, 2021
Is a Mac Worth the Price Difference

Is a Mac Worth the Price Difference?

As the popularity of desktop computers fades, the industry is flooded with affordable and capable laptop computers of all sizes. For PC users, a laptop can be purchased for under $500 and it’s usually a pretty good machine for people who plan to use it lightly. If your PC is going to be used for emailing and some simple word processing, then one of the low priced machines will be perfect for your use. However, if you’re a Mac fan, you already know that nothing you can buy in the form of a laptop can be purchased for under $999. So what gives? Are they really worth the sizable price difference?

Yes, because…

Mac’s are a little bit more resistance to viruses than PCs. Due to their operating system, they’re harder to get into and infect than a Microsoft operating system. For this reason, Mac is able to make the claim that they’re nearly virus-proof. This may be part of the reasoning for the price difference between Mac laptops and PC laptops. If they’re harder to crack and infect, then they’re automatically considered a bit safer for doing business and therefore the price difference can be fully justified.

Mac computers are also great for artists. They make a lot of software that is built for musicians, budding authors, screenwriters, and amateur filmmakers. A lot of this incredible software comes pre-loaded on a Mac and therefore it is available for use as soon as you open the box. Garageband and iMovie make for excellent creative outlet applications, while Facetime, iTunes, and maps are also included for convenience purposes. If you have needs above and beyond what a Mac has to offer, there’s a full range of fantastic software for purchase and through the app store.

No, because…

The truth is, Mac’s are not virus-proof, in fact, they’re not even close. While a PC virus can be caught and eradicated using the right virus software, Mac viruses –when they happen –are very difficult to get rid of. Mac is able to make the claim that they’re virus-proof because there are fewer viruses out there that are made to impact a Mac operating system. For this reason, the viruses are usually a great deal more complicated and a traditional virus software system isn’t going to work to remove it. Not to mention the fact that Mac-based virus software isn’t as well-versed as PC virus software.

And, maybe?

When you’re making the decision between a PC and a Mac, the first thing you’re going to want to figure out is what you’re going to be doing on the computer. If it’s simply for email and some internet surfing, then a Mac is absolutely not worth the price hike. Your computer needs are simplistic and a PC will do. There’s no sense in accepting the extra cost when you don’t really have to. If you have a wide range of needs from your computer, then you’re going to want to look at what each brand has to offer. To buy similarly equipped computers, the difference in price isn’t actually all that noteworthy. If you’re a seasoned PC user, and you don’t need a computer to assist in any artistic functions, stick with a PC. However, if you’re looking for a computer that can support your artistry, then a Mac may be worth a thousand dollars.