September 19, 2021
The Appeal and Popularity of The Masked Singer

The Appeal and Popularity of The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer has become a hit TV show that gives the audience a chance to guess who the singer is and be surprised when revealed.

It was a scene unlike any other: a bright pink bear dancing across the television screen, belting Sir Mix-a-Lot’s popular song “Baby Got Back”. Later, egged on by chants of “Take it off! Take it off!”, the bear removed her mask, and revealed herself to be Sarah Palin, former Vice Presidential candidate.

Does this sound impossible, so ridiculous that it can’t be true? Something like the described event could happen only one place-on The Masked Singer, the hit TV show that started last year and has exploded in popularity since. The premise of the show is unique. Celebrities pick an elaborate costume to hide under until they are eliminated from the show, and through singing performances and clue packages, they try to get the panel of judges to guess their identity.

Pop culture icons from Sarah Palin to Raven Symoné, to Antonio Brown, have appeared on the show, drawing in a diverse audience. But some people still don’t get the hype, so here are three simple reasons to explain why The Masked Singer has become so popular.

Viewers Love a Guessing Game

Agatha Christie novels, the board game Clue, and who-done-it films all have one thing in common: a mystery element. Those who enjoy those kinds of books, games, and movies like to put together clues and figure out puzzles. The Masked Singer, although it is a reality show, offers this experience. The celebrities put together clue packages and often offer special hints after they perform, and the panel of judges can then offer guesses as to who they think is under the mask.

Some clues refer to the celebrities’ careers, like movies or TV shows they have been in or a business they have started, while others concern their personal lives, talking about things like their kids or their spouses. Dedicated viewers often take to the Internet to do extensive research, and can often make good guesses about who’s on the stage.

The Unique, Elaborate Costumes

The first thing most people notice about The Masked Singer is the amazing costumes the contestants wear. Some choices are relatively normal: a dog, a kitten, a fox. Some are more outside-of-the-box, such as the Thingamajig, the pineapple, and, this season, the popcorn kernel. But these aren’t just your run of the mill costumes that can be purchased at a seasonal Halloween store. Nope-these are the best of the best. Incredibly elaborate, eye-catching, and unique, these costumes are part of the reason The Masked Singer is so well-liked.

It’s so fun to watch bright pink bears and pineapples with sunglasses perform on-stage, all while knowing there’s a celebrity underneath that mask. Additionally, the costumes allow the contestants to express themselves. A lot of the people who participate in the competition say that they wanted to do so to regain confidence in themselves, or to redefine themselves. The amazing costumes help them do just that.

The Sheer Randomness and Shock

Some TV shows are popular just because they make us laugh. They may not have the smartest written scripts or the most famous actors, but they still draw a lot of viewers just because they have an element of randomness. It could be argued that The Masked Singer falls into this category. The premise of the show sounds crazy, and some people may find it stupid, but more people find it interesting.

Ever heard the phrase, “It’s so crazy that it just might work”? Although a person is unmasked at the end of every episode, the identity of that contestant isn’t always guessed correctly. Take Sarah Palin, for example. Not one of the judges guessed her identity, and they were shocked when she took off her mask. Now Palin’s performance of “Baby Got Back” is one of the most, if not the most, well-known from the show. People love a good surprise, and The Masked Singer can provide just that.

The Masked Singer has caught a lot of Americans’ attention since it first premiered in 2019, due to a combination of singing, comedy, competition, fashion, and celebrities. The elements of mystery, suspense, and surprise, combined with the excellent costumes, make The Masked Singer a great bit of entertainment. If you haven’t gotten the chance to catch an episode, tune in for season 4, starting on September 23!