September 19, 2021

The Christmas Music You’ll Love

No matter where you go at this time of year, you’re going to hear Christmas music. For most of us, this is a wonderful and joyous time of year and this music simply adds to the fun that we want to have at this time of year. Many of us know the different songs and how to sing along while also enjoying the new versions of holiday cheer that can be offered for our enjoyment. Whether you love the classics or you want to experience some of the new versions, these are five of the most listened to Christmas songs that you might want to listen to yourself.

Last Christmas –Remastered, Wham!

This song brings in an upbeat feeling but one of longing as well. This is perfect for those of us who love to singalong with George Michael and maybe put out the feelings of loss that some of us feel at this time of year. This has become a Christmas classic and one that many different playlists will have available for you to enjoy the sounds that you associate with this time of year and what it can be for you.

Happy Xmas (War is Over)-2010 Digital Remaster, John Lennon

This song is one that offers you a reminder that many people need to have a bit of a hand up and assistance at this time of year. As the season for giving is upon us and we look for peace among men at this time of year, there are those that are less fortunate than many of us who could use our assistance with a meal, a coat, or just some kind words. Let this be one of the songs you love to listen to as you drive around this season.

Santa Tell Me –Ariana Grande

The message of love is strong in this modern Christmas song that we can sing along with and enjoy the hip hop feeling from this impressive song. Your kids (especially young girls) will probably already know this song and be ready to sing along and enjoy the fun and party sounds offered that make this a song that everyone can enjoy while you drive from one destination to another. It’s not really a big surprise that this song is one of the most popular being listened to.

Michael Buble –It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Listen to the dulcet tones of Michael Buble in this version of a Christmas classic that can bring joy to your heart and allow you to think of some memories from your own childhood. This song has certainly withstood the test of time and is one of the songs that has become one of the most popular downloaded and put on many of the different lists we see on Spotify and Pandora to be a song that so many want to listen to while on the drive.

All I Want for Christmas Is You –Mariah Carey

When you hear the melodious beauty of the voice of Mariah Carey sing this classic song, you’ll know she was born to sing this song and share this gift with the world. This has been and continues to be one of the most popular versions of this Christmas classic ever since she chose to let us have this song as one we can listen to. Take a listen to the video below and you’ll agree that you should add this song to your collection of holiday music.