August 15, 2022
The First Night of the NFL Draft Made Dreams Come True

The First Night of the NFL Draft Made Dreams Come True

Whether it was for a specific NFL team or for the players themselves, the first round of the NFL Draft made some dreams come true.

Some teams found that special player they had been looking for while many players realized the culmination of many years of hard work on and off the field to be selected in the first round of the draft.

The Biggest Winner By Far

The Chicago Bears have a long history of not only missing on quarterbacks but also not drafting them in the first round. This time, they hit, and they might have hit big. While sitting at 20 in the first round, the Bears saw Justin Fields from Ohio State fall out of the top ten and they traded up to go get him at eleven. This pick might be the best pick the Bears have made in several years.

The Most Anticipated Selection of the NFL Draft

It was no surprise when the top overall pick, made by the Jacksonville Jaguars, was for Trevor Lawrence, quarterback out of Clemson. Lawrence burst onto the scene in his freshman year and only got better as time went on. With the right team around him, Lawrence could lead the Jaguars to several playoff runs and might even win a Super Bowl.

Another Big Winner Got Lucky

After last season you might have thought that Alabama quarterback Mac Jones would be selected somewhere in the top five or ten of the draft. The New England Patriots don’t move up in the first round for any reason, they value their draft capital too much to do that. What they found was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when Jones fell to their pick at 15 and the Patriots snatched him up faster than a dog with a piece of meat.

Did the Broncos Make the Wrong Pick?

The Denver Broncos were sitting with the ninth pick in the NFL draft and they didn’t take a quarterback. Two were available, Mac Jones and Justin Fields, but instead, they chose to take Patrick Surtain II, cornerback out of Alabama. This may fill a need for the team but their current quarterback situation might not be ideal for their future.

Is Jaylen Waddle the Right Choice for the Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins made some moves to get into the sixth spot to pick who they wanted, but rumors tell us the two players they were considering went fourth and fifth in the NFL draft. Even so, they selected Jaylen Waddle, wide receiver out of Alabama, and will pair him with their current quarterback who use to throw to Waddle in college.

The Packers Don’t Care What Rodgers Has to Say

While stories emerged earlier in the day of Aaron Rodgers being disgruntled with the Green Bay Packers and wanting out, this team didn’t waiver at all on their pick. Maybe they should have selected a wide receiver at 29, but instead took Elijah Moore, cornerback from Georgia which should fill a huge hole for this team on defense. This could be a smart pick, but it might also signal that Rodgers is nearly done in Green Bay.

Some Teams Just Don’t Get It

It’s been proven time and again that teams don’t need to pick a running back in the first round unless they want the leverage of being able to exercise a fifth-year option on a player. Even so, the Jaguars and Steelers both choose running backs in the first round of the NFL draft.

A Special Moment for Mom and Son

The Indianapolis Colts selected Kwity Paye, defensive end from Michigan in the first round of the draft and he shared a special message with the world. He told everyone watching that his mother is done working and is now retired. The family spent many years scaping and clawing on welfare and living in rough neighborhoods to make it possible for Kwity to play football and go to Michigan. Now he gets to reward her with retirement and a life that she may have only dreamed of.

The NFL Draft Brings Amazing Players to the League

The first day of the NFL draft is now only for the first round, which gives us more time to enjoy the stories and understand the players being selected. Will these players become Pro Bowlers or finish their careers with a gold jacket and a Hall of Fame speech? Only time will tell, but for one special night, they truly got to celebrate the culmination of all the work they have put in so far.

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