December 6, 2022

The Kia Niro Has New Standard Tech

The Kia Niro is one of the least expensive and greenest vehicles on the road today. It comes as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric automobile. If you’re interested in getting into the all-electric game, the Kia Niro is the perfect way to make that leap.

Kia’s recently announced EV6 might be a little bigger with a few additional styling elements; the Kia Niro has some new standard features that are few to impress. The Niro is keeping that exterior hatchback/crossover look but is throwing in extras everywhere else.

Here are some highlights on the 2022 Kia Niro:

More Power Under the Hood

The Niro gets all of its power from a single electric motor that boasts 201 horsepower. The one-speed direct transmission sends all of the power directly to the front wheels. A 64.0-kWh battery is the power that keeps this thing moving.

You’ll enjoy up to 239 miles of driving range on a full charge. You can also blast off from zero to 60 mph in just 6.2 seconds. Recharging is a breeze thanks to either a 120 or 240-volt connection. With the faster charge, you’ll be back at 80-percent within an hour.

Infotainment To The Max

This hatchback/SUV now comes equipped with a whole slew of standard tech features. One of the biggest upgrades is the addition of a 10.3-inch touchscreen infotainment center that almost doubles the previous eight-inch model.

Drivers will also notice that built-in navigation now comes standard along with satellite radio and a banging Harmon/Kardon sound system. Of course, these systems are all enhanced with the inclusion of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Highway Driving Has Never Been Easier

Thanks to the Kia Highway Driving Assist package, you’ll feel more confident while out running errands or crafting an adventure.

Here’s what you can expect from the new driving package:

  • Forward collision monitoring
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Rear-seat reminders

The only update you may want to add is the rear parking sensors that come with the EX Premium trim.

Get More For Less With The Kia Niro

If you’re not quite ready to stop using some kind of gasoline in your car, the Niro also comes with a hybrid and plug-in hybrid. The good news is that you’ll notice the same tech and interior upgrades in these versions as you do in the EV model. Of course, the gas-powered options come with a lower price tag.

Stop by your local Kia dealer today to explore all of the new upgrades and inclusions that come with the Kia Niro. It might just be time to end your search for the perfect EV because you’ve already found it.

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