March 5, 2021
The Most Creative Halloween Costume Ever?

The Most Creative Halloween Costume Ever?

The right Halloween costume just might be something your child sees from you every day.  Take a look at the creativity of one girl.

Calling all moms –whether your kids are babies, toddlers, teenagers, or all of the above –you should be able to identify (and totally fall in love with) a Halloween costume conjured up by a thirteen-year-old girl in New Mexico last year. And this easy DIY costume (some of us don’t even need to dress up!) is proving quite a popular choice in 2019.

Tired Mom –Comedy Gold!

Jillian Schnerch’s hilarious DIY ‘tired mom’ costume had the internet buzzing in October 2018. And she’s got the look down to a science, checking off all the “tired mom” hallmarks. Looking bedraggled and dressed in dirty clothes, with her hair thrown into a messy bun –check! Those old comfy pair of go-to black leggings, shapeless cardigan, and stained t-shirt (maybe with baby spit?) –you got it! She balances a baby on her shoulder with one hand while clutching a Starbucks coffee in the other. She’s even got Cheerios in her hair. This kid knows her stuff! And to top it all off there’s a tiny tot hanging onto her leg. Hilarious! And who doesn’t love those added little details, like the visible nursing pad, spare diapers, and the piece de resistance, a bottle of wine protruding from a plastic Target bag? She’s even sporting that vacant, faraway, ‘I’m so tired I could collapse’ look, enhanced by dark circles under her eyes. This is comedy gold!

One of Nine Kids!

And this creative teenager has been well versed in mommy hood. She’s one of nine children –yes nine! And has been witnessing her photographer mother balancing children, housework, and her professional life, first hand for years.

Hot Mess Momma!

So if you’re a mom and trying to decide what to dress up as this Halloween, are short of time and cash, and need some ideas -how about trying out “Tired Mom” aka “Hot Mess Mom’. You don’t even need to buy anything –well, maybe a coffee? You’ve already got the look down, so this should be easy to conjure up.

Crazy Cat Lady or Mombie Costumes Anyone?

Other easy (and funny!) DIY Halloween costumes include –crazy cat lady, just dress up in a robe, don some glasses, stick your feet in a pair of pink slippers and stick toy fluffy cats all over you. Then there’s the ‘mombie’ you guessed right –zombie mom! And if you’ve got a spare set of Minnie Mouse ears lying around, how about throwing together a quick and easy Disney Mom costume? Happy Halloween!