January 24, 2022
The Shows You’re Missing if You Don’t Have Amazon Prime

The Shows You’re Missing if You Don’t Have Amazon Prime

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription? If not, you’re missing out on some serious benefits that come with this affordable membership.

While you might not order packages every month, which is why you haven’t signed up, you won’t have access to all the amazing programming offered on Amazon Prime Video. Some of the best shows and series are being streamed on this service and it’s time you joined the experience.

Get Your English on with Downton Abby

Probably the most famous British show in existence is Downton Abby and it’s streamed exclusively on this service. Get involved with the Crawley family and the variety of servants in the English countryside. This show is set at the turn of the 20thcentury and it does give you many of the events of the time weaved into the show, which can make it interesting to watch.

This is Where You Can See the Original Star Trek Series

Whether you want to show your kids what Star Trek was when you were growing up or you’re a Trekkie and you haven’t been able to watch the original shows on other services, you’ll be glad to have an Amazon Prime subscription. Enjoy the adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew aboard the USS Enterprise in the 23rd century.

Truth Seekers is an Amazon Original

Similar to other streaming services, you can find some shows that are originals to Amazon and enjoy the way this company has created some great shows. Truth Seekers is a comedy-horror series with amateur ghost hunters investigating reports of paranormal activity in the area. This team uses YouTube to chronicle their experiences as they try to get to the bottom of what could be a possible conspiracy.

Enjoy the Utopia Story on Amazon Prime

This is the American version of the 2013 British television series by the same name. You’ll enjoy a group of superfans that find out their favorite comic is real and has the secrets to a public health problem that’s spread around the country. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit off the beaten path, Utopia just might be the right show for you to engage in the entertainment you’re looking for.

Enjoy a Comedy Romance in a Science Fiction World with Upload

We don’t know what the future holds, but many shows are created to theorize the possibilities. Upload is one of those shows. The idea behind it is that people can upload their consciousnesses to a digital afterlife. When the main character arrives in this area, he falls in love with his customer service support agent and learns many things about his life that he didn’t previously know.

Intense Drama with Luther

If you love detective dramas, open your Amazon Prime Video app, and check out Luther. Idris Elba plays the lead detective, John Luther, and spends his time hunting down murders. You’ll love the intensity of the show and the dramatic way Luther lives his life as he works to put those who have killed others behind bars. Get ready to sit on the edge of your seat during the entire show.

Cuteness Overload in The Pack

What can make competitions more fun? Add dogs to the mix. The Pack is all about dogs and their owners traveling around the world to compete in challenges that put the dogs in front of the camera as the star of the show. You’ll love the cute dogs and admire the cool things they can do. If you’re looking for a departure from seriousness, tune in and see what The Pack is doing each week.

History at Work in the Underground Railroad

There’s more to the story of the Underground Railroad than what we’ve read in history books and this Amazing Prime series works to give us a look into that world. Follow the story that brings more of a realistic look at what some slaves endured as they worked to escape captivity and make their way to freedom in the North.

Enjoy the Medieval Setting of Vikings

If you love shows that are set in times that were rougher and harder on people than any other, you’ll be glad to tune into Vikings. This show is filled with blood, swords, and land disputes that will remind you of some other shows that were set in similar times. Tune in and see how this show brings the rugged toughness of world adventurers to life for you.