August 15, 2022
The Top MLB Teams are Shaking Out

The Top MLB Teams are Shaking Out

As we get deeper into the season, the top MLB teams are starting to show up and give us an idea of what to look forward to.

While we haven’t quite made it to the All-Star Break, and some teams may hit the reset button after this midseason break, there’s a good chance the teams we see at the top of the power rankings will continue to lead the way.

The San Francisco Giants Remain at the Top

Thirteen weeks of the season are in the books and the Giants are now in the top spot for the second week in a row. Some experts suggest the NL West has the three best teams in the league right now. The Giants have a record of 50-28 and have not lost a series against any opponent dating back to May 25. They are the first team to reach 50 wins this year.

The Houston Astros Climb to Second

With many in the baseball community hoping the Astros will fall down quickly, this team continues to climb up and is one of the top MLB teams this year. Right now, the Astros are second on our list and have a 48-41 record after 13 weeks of play. This team is coming off an 11-game winning streak that was only recently snapped.

We See the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Third Spot

Falling one spot; the Dodgers are now third on this list. The defending World Series Champs faced a tough team in the Padres and were swept by the team to the south during this past week. You can expect the Dodgers to be one of the teams we talk about all year long as they look for a path to a second championship in a row.

Check Out the San Diego Padres in Fourth

Among the top MLB teams, the third of the NL West is the San Diego Padres. With three of the top four teams in the power rankings coming from the same division, you can see how this could be the toughest division going down the stretch. Right now, the Padres have a record of 47-33 and will also likely be a team we see at the end of the season.

Fifth Place Belongs to the Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox might not be the team from the AL East that we expected to see in this position, but this is where they are. The Red Sox hold a 48-31 record right now and jump up from the seventh position. Another sweep of the Yankees has put the Red Sox on the radar as a team that could easily be fighting to win the crown at the end of the year.

The Tampa Bay Rays are in the Sixth Spot

The AL East takes the fifth and sixth positions on this list to show you another division that could be extremely hard to beat. The Rays are one of the best MLB teams right now and they have a 47-32 record. Last week, the Rays were in fifth but they dropped a spot following the seven-game losing streak that was snapped during this past week.

The Chicago White Sox Drop to Seventh

We saw this White Sox in the fourth position last week but now they have fallen to the seventh position. With a record of 45-32, you can see how the White Sox are leading their division and could easily be the representative from that group of teams. We will have to watch and see whether this team finds its way to the postseason as the rest of the season takes place.

The Milwaukee Brewers are in the Eighth Spot

Among the top MLB teams, we see the Brewers in the eighth spot and leading their NL Central division right now. This team brings a 46-33 record through 13 weeks and moved up from the tenth position last week. With youth and energy, the Brewers could make a strong run the rest of the way.

Looking the Rest of the Teams

9. Oakland Athletics 47-33

10. New York Mets 40-34

11. Toronto Blue Jays 40-36

12. Chicago Cubs 42-37

13. Cleveland Indians 42-33

14. New York Yankees 40-38

15. Seattle Mariners 41-38

16. Cincinnati Reds 39-38

17. Washington Nationals 38-38

18. Philadelphia Phillies 36-40

19. Los Angeles Angels 38-40

20. Atlanta Braves 37-40

21. St. Louis Cardinals 38-41

22. Minnesota Twins 33-43

23. Detroit Tigers 34-45

24. Miami Marlins 33-44

25. Kansas City Royals 33-44

26. Pittsburgh Pirates 29-48

27. Texas Rangers 30-48

28. Colorado Rockies 32-47

29. Baltimore Orioles 25-54

30. Arizona Diamondbacks 22-58

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