March 5, 2021
Things To Try Before You Die! 7 Popular Bucket List Ideas

Things To Try Before You Die! 7 Popular Bucket List Ideas

Do you have a “bucket list?” which is a list of things you’ve always wanted to do, see, or experience before you leave this earth?

This could include visiting a certain destination, doing something daring like jumping from a plane, achieving a certain goal, learning a new skill, or embarking on a challenging adventure you’ve always dreamed of. Here are 7 bucket list ideas you may want to consider.

1. See the Northern Lights

Many people would love to look up into the sky and marvel at nature’s very own light show -the aurora borealis. There are many areas where you can watch the aurora borealis, all in the northern hemisphere, and top spots include Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.

2. Hike the Appalachian Trail

If you’re a serious hiker this is probably on your to-do list. The Appalachian Trail stretches 2,190 miles, crosses 14 states, and is considered among the best long-distance hiking routes in the world. Most hikers start at the southernmost trailhead located on Springer Mountain in Georgia and head up north to the end of the trail on Mt. Katahdin in Maine, which is considered the toughest part of the trek.

3.Skydiving/Parachute Jump

If you’re an adrenalin junkie doing a parachute jump or skydiving is probably high on your list. And once you pluck up the courage and saved up some cash, this one shouldn’t be that hard to achieve as many places offer tandem or solo jumps and they don’t cost a fortune, averaging at around $300 depending on where you are and what you need.

4. Learn a New Language

Wouldn’t it be fun to claim you can speak multiple languages? It may take years to become fluent, but not only are you gaining new skills, learning a new language may boost brain function through benefitting cognitive abilities, such as intelligence and memory while lowering the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

5. Climb a Really Tall Mountain –Everest or Kilimanjaro

If you have mountaineering skills, are aware of the possible dangers, and are thoroughly prepared for high altitude conditions–then you can cross this off your list. Just be aware that Everest is a formidable challenge, it’s becoming overcrowded, and there have been many recent tourist deaths. Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania may be a safer and less strenuous option, as it’s known as a “walk-up” mountain.

6. Run a Marathon or Complete a Triathlon

If you’re in good shape (and even if you’re not!)this is a goal you can train towards over a period of weeks, months, or even years! Maybe if you haven’t been active in a while you could take baby steps and start with a 5K fun run and then build your way up to a half marathon.

7. Write a Book(and maybe get it published!)

This may actually be the hardest goal to achieve -especially the ‘getting published’ bit! It takes patience, certain skill sets, perseverance, time, and focus to sit down and write a complete novel, memoir, or non-fiction book. But if you get over the first hurdle, pop the champagne corks and celebrate, as this is an activity many begin but few actually finish. As for getting it published? That’s a whole other story!