September 19, 2021
Tour Alaska for Your Next Vacation Destination

Tour Alaska for Your Next Vacation Destination

If you want to get away and enjoy a vacation in a place that offers you a completely different experience, you should tour Alaska.

This amazing state is one of the most open, wild, and untamed in the country. While being physically separated from the rest of the United States, Alaska can be the state where you find the most fun and get to see things you wouldn’t normally.

Enjoy Time at Denali National Park

The third largest National Park in the United States is Denali National Park. This park has the highest mountain in North America with Denali reaching 20,320 feet at its peak. There are more than six million acres of river valleys, tundra, alpine ranges, and mountains that peek out of the glaciers. Enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, and kayaking in a park where you can see a variety of wildlife.

Visit the Mendenhall Ice Caves

The Mendenhall Glacier is twelve miles long and located in the Mendenhall Valley which is only a few miles from Juneau. This is a great place to go when you tour Alaska and want to see some of the amazing sites. The Mendenhall Ice Caves is one of the only places on the planet where you can experience every stage of the water cycle at the same time.

Go Whale Watching When You Tour Alaska

From May to September you can see humpbacks and grey whales making their way through the Alaskan waterways. Once September arrives, beluga whales appear to give you another species to enjoy. Any time of the year you might see Orcas swimming in the waters off the coast and can take tours out onto the water where you can enjoy these whales coming up close to the boat.

Go to the Tracy Arm Fjord

This location is south of Juneau and is a popular place for cruise ships and boat tours. You’ll find waterfalls, glaciers, and small icebergs in the area. The Tongass National Forest is nearby and you’ll see the twin Sawyer Glaciers that offer you a home for many wild animals. You’ll be amazed by what you can see when you visit this area and enjoy an amazing outdoor adventure.

Check Out the Goose Creek Tower

One of the oddest things you can see when you tour Alaska is the Goose Creek Tower. Also known as the Dr. Seuss House, this tower looks like several cabins stacked on top of each other. The building is located outside of Talkeetna and is an odd building that doesn’t look like it should be where it is. You’ll see anywhere between 14 and 17 floors of this house depending upon which side of the house you’re viewing.

Charter a Boat and Catch a Halibut for Dinner

The waters around Alaska are some of the most widely fished and you can enjoy doing this as well. Halibut are known as one of the tastiest fish in the ocean and you can charter a boat and head out on the water to catch one of these fish. Enjoy the dinner once you come back to shore after you reel in one of these massive creatures.

Drive Along the Alaska Highway

On your way to your destination, you can drive along the highway that connects Dawson Creek in British Columbia through the Yukon Territory all the way to Delta Junction which is near Fairbanks. This road was created for military use in 1942 and serves as an important route to this day. When you drive along it, you can enjoy the views and the amazing scenery that surrounds you.

Spend Time at the Aurora Ice Museum When You Tour Alaska

The world’s largest year-round ice environment is the Aurora Ice Museum. This museum is located at the Chena Hot Springs Resort and it gives you a place where you can enjoy brilliant light shows, ice sculptures, and amazing ice homes. The entire place is lit up with the colors of the Aurora Borealis which gives you the colors you’ll love when you visit.

Check Out the Splendid Permafrost Tunnel

This amazing tunnel was created by the Army Corps of Engineers and it’s a place where they study the various aspects of cold climate on animals and plants in the area. This tunnel began as a training camp for excavating permafrost but it now is a place that you can visit when you tour Alaska. Check out this amazing tunnel and learn more about the impact cold has on the environment.