September 19, 2021
challenger vs Charger

Challenger vs Charger: Two Doors or Four?

American Muscle at its Finest

So you’re trying to decide which modern American muscle car you want to buy? Well, first things first. You’ve come to the right place. Because when it comes to muscle, there have always been just two options: MOPAR and everyone else. Because since the dawn of American muscle, the Chrysler brands and its MOPAR brethren have simply been head and shoulders above everyone else. And today’s MOPARs are happily carrying those torches forward into the modern age. But still, even when you’re choosing a new Dodge muscle machine, there’s still a choice to be made (but don’t worry… ever since the brand introduced the first Chally in 1969—joining the Charger, which first rolled off in ‘66—that choice has always existed).

Today’s choice is a bit different, however, as the 21st-century iteration of the Charger is unique in that it’s a muscle car that is also a sedan, making it the coolest machine for soccer moms ever created. So what to do, then? Chally or Charger? Two-door or four?

Tale of the Tape

Well, that depends on a few factors. But first, let’s talk about what won’t factor into your decision: power. Because the Charger is one of the meanest and most powerful sedans ever built. Whether you’re talking about the legendary Hemi motor, the 392 Scat Pack, or the absolutely insane SRT Hellcat (which can make just under eight hundred horsepower), you won’t be missing out on power if you choose the Charger.

So what, then?

Well, for starters, space. Obviously, as a sedan the Charger offers more of that, making it more suited for family men or women who crave the thrill of being tossed back into their seat, even if it is on the way home from soccer practice. Of course, that might be a turnoff for some. Because there’s nothing quite like a coupe, especially when we’re talking about cars that were crafted with racing in mind.
The Challenger also offers a bit smaller of a profile, as it is shorter than the Charger, making it just that much easier to command, especially when it comes to cornering. The Chally also comes with seats that are a bit more race-inspired than its longer and more family-friendly brother, keeping your body in the best position possible for high-energy driving. The Charger also tends to feature a slightly softer suspension, giving it a bit more comfort but a lot less road feel. So if it’s that racy sensibility you’re after, the two-door Challenger is the way to go.

And the Winner Is…

You. Because either way, you’re choosing one of the best and most thoroughly modern muscle cars ever built. But really it comes down to one thing: the Challenger is a bit racier whereas the Charger, a little more family-friendly. Of course, both are ferociously fast and darn good looking, meaning that, in the end, it’s all a matter of which you prefer.

But as long as the answer is MOPAR, then you can’t go wrong.