September 20, 2021
What are the Best Live and On-Demand Streaming Services for You?

What are the Best Live and On-Demand Streaming Services for You?

Whether you’ve got one or several, you probably subscribe to streaming services for some of your entertainment.

The growth of these services has gone from being a place to find movies and reruns of shows to offering you some exclusive entertainment content that you can’t find anywhere else. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the best services are for you to enjoy.

The Right Live Streaming TV for You

Best Overall: YouTube TV

Currently, the highest-rated of the live TV streaming services offered is YouTube TV. This service is affordable, brings you tons of amazing content, and gives you more than 85 channels of TV to enjoy. You can stream up to three views at once on an account and enjoy the benefits of an unlimited DVR service that’s saved for up to nine months for your future viewing.

The Greatest Value is Hulu

You want to have some amazing value out of your streaming services. The service you use is likely replacing cable and you want to make sure you’re getting what you desire. Hulu + Live TV offers you an affordable price, more than sixty channels, and two streams at the same time. You’ll have up to fifty hours of DVR service to save shows that you want to watch later.

Save Money with Philo

The most affordable of the live TV services you can find is Philo. This service will cost a little and it gives you sixty channels and three streams at a time. The DVR service is unlimited, giving you the shows you want to watch later saved right where you can get to them. This could be the right answer for the service you want to use instead of cable.

Sports Lovers Enjoy FuboTV

When you don’t need to entertain the entire family and you love sports, you’ll want to choose FuboTV as the right one of the streaming services for you. This service offers you up to 156 channels, three simultaneous streams, and up to 1,000 hours of DVR service to have the games and events you want to see saved right where you can easily find them later when you want to watch them.

Sling is the Best Service for Kids

For an affordable monthly price, you can keep your kids entertained with Sling TV. This service offers up to 50 channels, as many as four streams at a time, and ten hours of DVR service. You probably won’t need the DVR service much at all because your kids can easily go back and watch the shows that are saved on the channels offered through Sling TV.

Do You Want HBO Max Included?

If you want to enjoy the benefit of having a live TV service and HBO Max in one package, you need to select AT&T TV Now. This will give you the service you want and the variety of channels that will make sure you can be entertained the way you like. This service package allows you to avoid paying for more than one service at a time.

Is On Demand the Right Way for You to Watch

So many services offer you on-demand watching and the streaming services you’re looking for can be even more affordable than watching the live TV streaming offered. You’ll be glad to enjoy what’s offered and even see that some of the choices are being aired live when you watch them. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most popular on-demand streaming TV services.

Looking at On-Demand Streaming Services

• Netflix –Considered the best overall on-demand service, you can enjoy some amazing shows, movies, and exclusive content on Netflix.

• Prime Video –The best value among on-demand streaming services is Prime Video brought to you by Amazon.

• Peacock –The most affordable of the services you want to enjoy is Peacock which is brought to you by NBC.

• ESPN+ -It makes sense that ESPN+ is the best for sports entertainment to give you the look you want when you’re ready to watch sports from every era.

• Disney+ -While rated the best of the streaming services for kids, there’s no doubt that parents will love Disney+ just as much as the youngsters.

• HBO Max –If you want this service but don’t want the package withAT&T, you can get it as a separate service that you stream and enjoy.

• CBS All Access –Another network service you can enjoy which gives you exclusive shows and series from CBS.

• Apple TV+ -This is great for some exclusive content and for those who love everything that Apple has to offer.