September 20, 2021
Get Ready for Some Amazing Movies in 2021

Get Ready for Some Amazing Movies in 2021

The film industry had to halt shooting and didn’t get to release most of the movies that we anticipated seeing in 2020.

Thankfully, this only meant delays and not entire cancellations of the blockbusters we were looking forward to.  As movies and shows are continuing to be created into the early part of 2021, we can expect to see some incredible entertainment on the big screen throughout the year.

An Animated Film from Disney

The latest of the Disney animated films we’ll get to see is Raya and the Last Dragon. This movie is placed in Southeast Asia to offer a journey and a story that kids and adults will enjoy as Raya heads out on a quest to find the last dragon. The goal of finding this dragon is to bring peace to a mythical world. Get ready for some amazing family fun with this adventure.

Bringing back a Classic Movie

One of the most anticipated movies that we will see this year is Coming to America. This is a sequel to the film from 1988 and Eddie Murphy will once again play the role of Prince Akeem. During this movie, Prince Akeem is preparing to become the King of Zamuda when he learns of a son that he has in America, which is played by Jermaine Fowler. As you expect, the movie takes a hilarious turn from there and is certainly one you won’t want to miss.

James Bond is Back in the Movies

The James Bond movie franchise is one of the most successful in the world and No Time to Die is the 25thmovie with our favorite secret agent. Daniel Craig returns as 007 in what might be the last role as Bond that he takes and the story does exactly what you expect and enjoy from this film series. There are villains, women, fights, fast cars, and Bond saving the day.

The Marvel Movie You’re Sure to Love

Marvel movies always hit big and the latest one will certainly be a huge draw at theaters around the world. Black Widow is the name of the movie and as you expect, it’s all about the Russian agent played by Scarlett Johansson as shoe takes on the role of super-spy. This film takes place in the timeline after Captain America: CivilWar to give you an idea of where it belongsin the viewing order.

Monsters Collide in the Movies Once Again

The battle that continues between King Kong and Godzilla continues on the movie screen this year with Godzilla vs. Kong. This is the sequel to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island with both movies coming together as these iconic monsters battle each other with humans trying to get rid of both of these giant creatures and take back order on the planet.

Disney’s Evil Queen Has Her Day in the Movies

One of the original evil villains of the Disney world is Cruella de Vil. The movie is named Cruella and it gives you a live-action look at a young version of the villain as she creates her evil empire and works to become the damaged and cruel person that she becomes. You’ll love this ride on your emotions as you root for and against her in this film.

Taking a Turn with Fast Cars on the Big Screen

Yes, the Fast and Furious franchise is back with number nine on the list and Vin Diesel once again playing the role of Dominic Toretto. A new story is part of the mix with new and old characters meeting together in a high-performance chase that takesthemto the streets for some fun and adventure.

Storied Fun from a Great Cast

If you like movies that offer various storylines, The French Dispatch could be the movie you want to see this year. Thisis a film what an incredible cast of characters including Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Elisabeth Moss, and Jeffrey Wright to name a few. This film shows us an office of an American magazine in a French city with stories unfolding from three different angles.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

The famous line of the original Ghostbusters movie returns in the next version of this series called Ghostbusters: Afterlife. This movie takes place 30 years after the second movie and it features some of the original cast while giving us new faces to enjoy. Check out how this film series moves the story forward and gives us a new way to enjoy the fun of chasing down ghosts.