September 19, 2021
What are the Strongest MLB Teams Coming Out of the All-Star Break?

What are the Strongest MLB Teams Coming Out of the All-Star Break?

Coming out of the All-Star Break gives us a chance to reset the season and see which are the strongest MLB teams for the rest of the season.

The midseason break has come and is nearly over for Major League Baseball. We loved watching the Home Run Derby, the All-Star Game, and seeing the celebrations that surround our national pastime.

The Top Spot Goes to the San Francisco Giants

With a strong record of 57-32 after the first half of the season, the Giants are ready to continue their success the rest of the way. The longest losing streak this team has had was only four games, which is something to be proud of. Look for the Giants to make a deep run into the playoffs while facing the gauntlet of teams in the NL West.

The Houston Astros are in the Second Spot

For the Week 15 MLB Power Rankings, we see the Astros at one of the strongest MLB teams and they just might be ready to be the American League team in the World Series. Their current record is 55-36. The Astros did drop a series going into the All-Star Break to the Yankees but found a way to win the final game of that series in a dramatic fashion.

We See the Los Angeles Dodgers in Third Place

Heading into the break, the Dodgers took a series over the Diamondbacks but drubbing them thoroughly. Even though the Dodgers have two pitchers that currently have issues, they are still in the third spot with a record of 56-35. The defending World Series Champions will likely be part of the group heading into the postseason and will have a chance to defend their title.

The Chicago White Sox are in Fourth

The White Sox have been up and down in the Power Rankings and find themselves as the fourth of the strongest MLB teams with a record of 54-35. This team cruised into the All-Star break with a five-game winning streak and excellent run production during that time. Right now, the White Sox have an incredible lead over the Cleveland Indians in the American League Central Standings.

The Fifth Spot Belongs to the San Diego Padres

With a record of 53-40, the Padres would be in the lead in any other division except the one they are in. This team is one of the best in the league and might make a run for the playoffs, but they are in the NL West with the Dodgers and Giants ahead of them right now. This divisional race will be one to watch during the second half of this season.

The Boston Red Sox Hold the Sixth Spot

The current leader in the AL East is the Red Sox. This team has bounced back after a forgettable 2020 and could be the team from this division that makes the playoffs. Currently, the Red Sox hold a strong lead and a 55-36 record, making them one of the strongest MLB teams in the league. The run toward the end of the season will be interesting for this team.

Seventh Belongs to the Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays were in the World Series only a year ago and they just might be on the rise and working toward making a run to get back there. Although the Rays are currently in the second spot in their division with a 53-37 record, there’s a lot of baseball left to be played and that could mean this team makes its way to the end of the postseason.

Eighth Place is Where We Find the Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers would like to forget the past eight games before the break and get back on their winning ways. The current record is 53-39 and they have a strong lead in their division. With the focus needed and a break that can put them back on track to win many games this team just might be one, we see in the postseason. The Brewers have been one of the strongest MLB teams all season and may continue to be so.

Looking at the Rest of the Week 15MLB Power Rankings

9. Oakland Athletics 52-40

10. New York Mets 47-40

11. Cincinnati Reds 48-42

12. Toronto Blue Jays 45-42

13. New York Yankees 46-43

14. Cleveland Indians 45-42

15. Seattle Mariners 48-43

16. Los Angeles Angels 45-44

17. Philadelphia Phillies 44-44

18. Atlanta Braves 44-45

19. Chicago Cubs 44-46

20. Washington Nationals 42-47

21. St. Louise Cardinals 44-46

22. Minnesota Twins 39-50

23. Detroit Tigers 40-51

24. Colorado Rockies 40-51

25. Miami Marlins 39-50

26. Kansas City Royals 36-53

27. Pittsburgh Pirates 24-56

28. Texas Rangers 35-55

29. Baltimore Orioles 28-61

30. Arizona Diamondbacks 26-66