September 19, 2021
2021 Ford Mustang GT: Modern Tech Meets Old-school Muscle

2021 Ford Mustang GT: Modern Tech Meets Old-school Muscle

It’s good to know that what made the Mustang so iconic upon its original release is still present. Even after six decades of butt-kicking.

Ever since the first pony car cruised American streets in 1964, the Ford Mustang had swag.


Mustang GT Premium: Sun’s Out—Guns Out, New Tech Can’t Hide Swag

“There used to be sleeves on this shirt, but then I flexed” –2021 Ford Mustang GT rocking a sweet tank top

Sometimes new technology in muscle cars can dampen the tough-guy facade. Much like a t-shirt that covers your biceps in the summer. Ford Mustang is not having that. Despite the latest in car tech, you can’t crimp the running pony’s style.

Some key highlights:

• 12-inch fully configurable LCD digital cluster. In laymen’s terms, this is a touchscreen computer that allows you to switch dash layouts to suit your mood. It’s low-key awesome.

• Intelligent Access with Push-button Start. Sure, some might be used to being able to start their car from afar. For those that aren’t this will be a prime opportunity to drop the classic gag: “Whoa. How’d my car start? There’s nobody in there!” line ad nauseam. Don’t listen to haters, that’s a funny bit.

• Illuminated Door-sill Scuff Plates. Sometimes, it’s the subtle touches that complete the package. Ford’s illuminated door sills are that touch—you might not notice them, but your passengers sure will.

• Ford Pass Connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. Stream your favorite fast-driving tunes without fear of losing connectivity. The 4G LTE means you won’t have unnecessary lags in downloads or uploads either.

• (Optional) Sound System by Bang & Olufsen featuring 12-speakers.

The top-shelf system means the 5.0 Ti-VCT V-8 won’t be the only thing heard from miles away. HD Radio and MP3 streaming are also in the mix with the B&O setup. Even with all the latest in electronic bells and whistles, you still can’t tame this pony

Mustang Muscle: Still Flexing Six Decades Later

So, what is it that has made the Ford Mustang America’s muscle car for over six decades? For some Mustang fans, it’s the sleek lines and short body coupled with the aggressive grill style. Or the menacing front-end vents hell-bent on chewing up the heat and keeping things cool.

Still, others would point to the classic taillight configuration or windshield design. Or it could be the iconic running pony logo. Regardless, whatever it is that gives the Mustang it’s powerful persona, you can find it in the 2021 Premium GTO. It’s got all the muscle and more than enough swagger to kick sand right in the face of its competitors.