January 24, 2022
What Ariana Grande Will Bring to “The Voice” This Season

What Ariana Grande Will Bring to “The Voice” This Season

Ten years ago, The Voice, NBC’s famous singing competition, premiered and has become known for its trademark red chairs and celebrity coaches.

Blake Shelton has maintained his position as coach for all twenty seasons, and Kelly Clarkson and John Legend have joined him for the past six and four seasons, respectively. But that fourth coaching position has rotated between Gwen Stefani, Nick Jonas, and Adam Levine, and now pop superstar Ariana Grande will take the chair as The Voice begins its twenty-first season.

Her expertise in a new genre of music, as well as her fanbase and her relationships with the judges, will make this season like no other.

Bringing in More Pop Singers

Blake Shelton is one of the most successful country artists of all time, so many of the artists he works with on The Voice are in the country genre. Kelly Clarkson walks the line between country and pop, and her antics to obtain country artists on the show have made up some of the funniest moments of the past few seasons.

Meanwhile, John Legend’s career has largely been built around his R&B and soul talents. Ariana Grande’s huge presence in the pop industry will likely attract singers who consider themselves pop singers, and may not have felt as if they would have worked as well with Blake, Kelly, or John as they would with Ariana.

She produces music different from the other coaches on The Voice and will add diversity to the already talented coaching panel. Ariana’s unique tone, as well as her career that has brought pop, R&B, and hip hop together, will draw a new group of singers onto the show, and give them a chance to showcase their talents to the country.

A Whole New Group of Fans

In addition to attracting new competitors to The Voice, Ariana Grande is likely to attract more viewers to the television show, too. Out of the four coaches that will take the red chairs in season twenty-one, Ariana has the most Instagram followers by far, at a whopping 264 million, and the most on Twitter, too, with 84.1 million followers. She has a huge fan base and a very loyal one at that.

Her presence on The Voice will likely bring many of her fans to watch the show, who will then have the chance to vote on singers and interact with the results when it comes time for the live shows. The new crowd of fans will hopefully bring more exposure to the artists that compete, as well, and lend a hand in

after The Voice.

Ariana’s Relationships With the Coaches

Longtime fans of The Voice will remember the relationship between Blake and Adam, which was often competitive, sometimes sweet, and always hilarious to witness. The two often bickered over artists, taking friendly jabs at each other’s accents, fashion styles, and techniques for winning over artists in the process.

Once Adam Levine left The Voice, Blake had to find a new partner to have that frenemy relationship with. He has fought with Kelly Clarkson over country artists, complained about John Legend’s “Welcome to Team Legend” songs, formed a “bromance” with Nick Jonas, and even gotten to work alongside his wife, Gwen Stefani, but Ariana Grande presents a whole new opportunity for Blake. In the YouTube teasers The Voice has released, it’s clear that Ariana will be a match for Blake.

He seems slightly worried about how he will convince artists to come to his team instead of Ariana’s, but nonetheless determined. Ariana’s popularity, competitive attitude, and desire to de-crown Blake are definitely going to give the country artist a run for his money.

Catch Ariana, and her custom-made “thank u, next” buzzer, on The Voice on September 21 to see how her role as a coach will shake things up.