September 20, 2021
The MLB Season is Shaping Up after 23 Weeks

The MLB Season is Shaping Up after 23 Weeks

We have completed 23 weeks in the MLB season and we turn to the power rankings to see how each of these teams is stacking up.

Are we going to see one of the NL West teams in the World Series? Will the Houston Astros make it all the way? Are the Yankees going to hold onto a Wild Card spot? All of these stories are shaping up for this season.

The Giants Continue the Stranglehold on First Place

Although the San Francisco Giants now see the rival Los Angeles Dodgers on their heels, they still hold a lead in the NL West. The Giants have an 88-50 record and look to be the first team to each of the win marks along the way. As we head down the stretch, we will find out if the Giants will win this division or if they will fall just a little short.

Second Belongs to the Dodgers

The past few weeks have seen the Los Angeles Dodgers right behind the Giants and in the second spot in this list. As the MLB season works through the month of September we might see the Dodgers overtake the Giants. Right now, they are only one game behind the NL West-leading team with a record of 87-51.

The Strength of the Rays Puts them in Third

The Tampa Bay Rays just can’t stop winning. This team brings an 87-51 record through 23 weeks and they are the top team in the AL East by a lot. Everyone else in this division is looking for a wild card spot while the Rays show off with a strong record that will likely give them home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Will the Rays be one of the teams in the World Series?

The Brewers Find their Way to Fourth

It’s been a long time since any other team was leading the NL Central division. The Milwaukee Brewers appear to be the best team in this division and one of the top teams throughout this MLB season. We expect to see the Brewers in the playoffs and they just might be one of the toughest teams around. The Brewers currently hold an 84-55 record.

Fifth Belongs to the Astros

We have seen the Houston Astros in the fifth spot on this list for a few weeks and they don’t seem to be ready to give up this spot. With a weak division to beat, there’s no denying the fact that the Astros will be one of the teams in the playoffs again this year. They hold an 80-57 record and will likely play host to one of the other teams when the postseason begins.

We See the White Sox in the Sixth Spot

The Chicago White Sox have had one heck of an MLB season this year. They have been way ahead of the other teams in the AL Central all year long. With the current ten-game lead, they can afford to have some slips against other teams. We see the White Sox with a 79-58 record that keeps them where they want to be, comfortably in the lead.

The Yankees are Battling to Stay in the Mix

The seventh spot belongs to the New York Yankees, but after a 13-game winning streak, this team seems to have fallen off of a cliff. They currently hold a lead in the Wild Car race but it’s a slim lead and their 78-59 record is just barely ahead of the other teams vying for one of these playoff spots. Will the Yankees make it to the playoffs?

The Red Sox Move Up to Eighth

Right on the heels of the Yankees, the Boston Red Sox move up from ninth to eight on this list with a 79-61 record. Right now, the Red Sox would have to visit the Yankees in the Wild Card game, but this MLB season has proved to be unpredictable and that might change. Once comfortably in the lead of the AL East, the Red Sox are holding on by a thread.

How Do the Rest of the Teams Rank?

9. Toronto Blue Jays 74-62
10. Seattle Mariners 75-63
11. Atlanta Braves 72-64
12. Oakland Athletics 74-63
13. San Diego Padres 73-64
14. Cincinnati Reds 73-66
15. Philadelphia Phillies 71-66
16. St. Louis Cardinals 69-67
17. New York Mets 69-69
18. Cleveland Indians 68-67
19. Los Angeles Angels 68-70
20. Detroit Tigers 65-74
21. Colorado Rockies 63-75
22. Chicago Cubs 64-75
23. Kansas City Royals 62-75
24. Minnesota Twins 60-77
25. Miami Marlins 57-80
26. Washington Nationals 57-80
27. Texas Rangers 49-88
28. Pittsburgh Pirates 49-89
29. Arizona Diamondbacks 45-93
30. Baltimore Orioles 43-93