September 19, 2021
What to Expect on Season Four of Dynasty

What to Expect on Season Four of Dynasty

The CW reboot of the popular 1980s soap opera, Dynasty, premiered its fourth season, and as expected from the show, was chock-full of drama.

A couple of secrets that were hidden away in the previous season spilled out in the season premiere, and it set the stage for many events to come in the rest of the season. Take a look below to see what might pop up in the coming episodes!

Fallon and Liam’s Wedding

Fallon and Liam’s wedding was supposed to be the season finale of season three, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, filming was cut short, and the episode was not aired, at least not until now. This week’s episode, airing on May 14, will be the long-awaited wedding. The season premiere saw the heir to the Carrington dynasty and her author fiancé, the son of the wealthy Van Kirk family, making plans for their special day-only to have most of them disrupted by unfortunate circumstances, such as a burst pipe and an allergic reaction.

Fallon’s worries about the success of her wedding also came to light, as most, if not all, of the weddings in her family have ended in tragedy and disaster. But if there’s one couple that fans hope can make it on Dynasty, it’s Fallon and Liam. Their wedding is approaching quickly, and the remainder of the season will likely be devoted to their new lives as newlyweds.

A Surprising Death

On a much more somber note, fans can expect a death in the coming episodes. One of the opening scenes in the season premiere was of Fallon sitting in front of a casket, dressed for a funeral, and at the bottom of the screen was a caption that let us know the scene is set six months in the future. So who’s in the casket?

Well, we’ll have to wait until the thirteenth episode to know. However, fans have a theory, based on Instagram posts by Maddison Brown, and scenes in the trailer that showed her character lying on the ground, bleeding. Brown portrays Kirby, the daughter of the Carrington butler, Joseph Anders, who has a complicated past with the Carrington family. But whichever character it is that dies, it is sure to shake up the plotlines.

Adam’s Past Revealed

Adam Carrington, the kidnapped third child of Blake Carrington, made his appearance in the middle of season two as a conniving, devious psychopath. Through all of his scandalous acts, however, such as pushing his mother, Alexis, into a fire, and hiding the truth of his crimes in Montana, including causing the death of his mother, Adam has maintained a pretty pristine appearance on the outside.

He has made sure to carefully cover his tracks and keep hidden the secrets of his past, but this may all unravel soon. Anders, Kirby’s father, became suspicious once his daughter started dating Adam, and set off on a trip to Montana to investigate Adam’s past. If everything goes according to Anders’ plan, Adam’s true character may come to light sooner rather than later.

The Return of Steven?

Just as Adam made his debut, another Carrington child faded away and has remained unmentioned ever since. Steven Carrington began rehab in Paris, after being tricked into losing his mind by Adam, in the middle of the second season, and has not been seen, and rarely mentioned, since then. Although there has been little to no evidence of the possibility of Steven coming back to the show, fans have speculated and hoped that he will make his reappearance.

Steven’s return, as well as the information he could reveal about Adam and his true intentions, would add to the drama and suspense of season four. The past three seasons of Dynasty have brought love, divorce, death, tragedy, and so much drama. After the first episode last week, it looks like season four will be no different.