August 15, 2022
You can Make it Easy to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

You can Make it Easy to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Are you concerned about the planet? Do you want to know what you can do to live an eco-friendly lifestyle to improve sustainability?

It’s not as hard as you might think to adjust your lifestyle and know that you’re living in a way that reduces waste reuses items and recycles materials whenever possible. Let’s look at a few great tips to help you live a lifestyle that will leave a healthier planet for the next generation.

Stop Tossing Out Old Food

Of course, you don’t want to each moldy and expired foods out of your refrigerator, but what if you planned your meals with the foods that are nearing their expiration date? To do this all you need to do is write down, or take a photo of, the items in your fridge and think about what you could use them for so that you can have a meal and reduce waste.

Use Apps for the Books You Read

As much as many of us might like the smell and feel of a book when we want to sit down and read, using E-books on a tablet or computer can be a great way to reduce the amount of paper that’s used. This is certainly an eco-friendly lifestyle move and one that can bring many books to you on one device.

Leave Plastic Straws Out of Your Life

Plastic straws are known to cause problems for sea creatures when they end up in the ocean and don’t decompose over time. Instead, bring your own metal or glass straw that you can use many times over. If you can live without a straw, that’s an even better solution to the amount of plastic that’s being wasted every year.

Change Your Transportation Habits

One of the best ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is to drive a lot less. If you can walk to work, do it, if you don’t need to drive around the block, walk instead, if you can avoid using your car do so. You can ride a bike instead of driving when the distance you need to travel is more than a 30-minute walk from your starting point. Try to combine trips when you do use your car so that you don’t waste time or fuel on the road.

Create an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Around Your Home

There are many ways you can improve the lifestyle you have around your home to save energy and avoid wastefulness. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

• Change your lightbulbs to LED models

• Use low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets

• If you garden, use caught rainwater for irrigation during dry periods

• Install solar panels

• Add more insulation to your home

• Unplug your devices when they don’t need to stay plugged in

• Use a bucket in the shower to catch water while its warming and use this water for your indoor plants

• Wash your clothes in cold water

• Hand-dry clothes instead of using your dryer on warm days

Find Ways to Avoid Single-Use Plastic

One of the worst items for the planet is plastic and single-use plastic is terrible because it cannot be recycled or reused. There are several great ways to change your lifestyle to avoid this plastic, here are just a few of them:

• Install a water filter and don’t buy bottled water

• Make use of reusable water bottles and keep them full of filtered water

• Take your own bags to the store

• Avoid using plastic tableware when you order takeout

• Use refills for the soaps you use instead of throwing away plastic bottles

Local Living Can Help You Be More Eco-Friendly in Your Lifestyle

If you’re planning to move, you might consider ways that being a local person in your community can help you be more eco-friendly in your life. You can do this by visiting your local farmer’s market instead of shopping at the large chain store, having a small herb garden in your windowsill, and growing some foods from scraps. Shop at your local small businesses and use local services when you need to.

Create an Eco-Friendly Pet

Your pets are important to you and they can get involved in the eco-friendly lifestyle as well. Do this by storing food in reusable containers, using compostable doggie bags, and choosing pet furniture and toys that are made from natural materials. When you can, try to buy pet supplies and toys at a second-hand store rather than buying them new.

See how many of these items you can implement into your life to help create the eco-friendly lifestyle you want to enjoy.

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