September 19, 2021
What was trending in 2019? Google’s Year in Search

What was trending in 2019? Google’s Year in Search

It’s time to bid farewell to 2019 and not only welcome in a new year but a new decade. What will 2020 bring us in terms of news, trends, technology, and entertainment?

We’ll just have to wait and see. But looking back at 2019 through the lens of Google’s search trends, we now know what captured the world’s attention over the past 12 months.

Disney Plus on Top

From iPhone 11 and Baby Yoda to Area 51, Hurricane Dorian, and the Notre Dame Cathedral, people have been searching for all kinds of information. But it looks like the all-around 2019 winner in the streaming wars is Disney, according to Google’s annual Year in Search roundup.

Baby Yoda

Disney Plus was the top-trending search term of the year in the US after only one month in existence. The brand new streaming service lured in Star Wars fans with the adorable “Baby Yoda” featured in the Mandalorianseries, and other popular shows, guaranteed to get people clicking. It also drew attention due to an outage on launch day, which prevented some viewers from watching any content, thus causing a bit of a Twitter storm.


Movie wise, Disney stayed ahead, with Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel being the top two movie searches, followed by Toy Story 4andThe Lion King. The Joker rounded up the top five movie searches.

Game of Thrones -biggest TV hit

In television, it’s no surprise to learn that Game of Thrones was the biggest US TV show search trend of the year, followed by Netflix’s Stranger Things and When They See Us, then it was HBO’s Chernobyl and Disney Plus’s The Mandalorian.

iPhone 11 among top searches

Top search terms in the news category included Hurricane Dorian, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course the iPhone 11–which was the world’s fifth-biggest trend of the year. The most searched athletes were Bryce Harper and Antonio Brown. And among the top 10 searches were the deaths of celebrities, including rapper Nipsey Hussle and actors Cameron Boyce and Luke Perry.

What is…?

In the “What is…?” category the question “What is Area 51” was a popular search term, as was: “What is a VSCO girl?” and “What is a Boomer?”

Songs and travel

The most popular songs in 2019 according to searches were Old Town Road, 7 Rings, and Shallow. And making the cut in travel trends in 2019 were destinations like the Maldives, Japan, Bora Bora, and Las Vegas.

Fashion trends

In fashion and outfit searches the winners were E-girls and E-boys, the anti-influencers of TikTok. And the VSCO girl style also made the fashion list. Google’s Year in Search reveals a lot about our culture and society, what makes us tick and what draws our attention, whether it’s news, technology, movies, TV shows, or the antics of celebrities. We have a brand new year ahead –it’ll be interesting to see what new trends come along. Happy New Year!