April 12, 2021
Would You Give Up Your Morals

Would You Give Up Your Morals?

There are those moments in life where we are forced to make choices; choices about what is wrong or right for our lives. They are never easy decisions, but a decision must be made nonetheless. As a social media manager, these moments are, if you’re lucky, few and far between, but they do happen. These are the moments when we are forced to choose between a hearty paycheck and personal integrity. What is the right decision?

In the field of social media management, we bring clients in and they become part of our company. From the moment that they sign the contract, we are then responsible to work for and fully back that client. We manage their social accounts; good, bad, and ugly. We protect their online presence from negativity and both personal and professional attacks. In taking on the responsibility of social media management, a good social media manager will accept and perform all of the duties to the best of their ability. However, what happens when your company is approached by a client that is not necessarily in line with your personal beliefs or perhaps lacks the integrity you feel is necessary?

Are There Morals In Social Media?

Suppose your company is approached by a member of a business that is considered less than desirable in the eyes of society, but it offering a hefty amount of money for representation. In taking on this client, you would then be responsible for handling any negative commentary on their social channels, some reputation management, and protection from online attacks. Can you, personally or professionally, accept these challenges with the knowledge that your values and those of your clients are misaligned?

In a perfect client/management partnership, we take on the clients that we believe in. We happily engage in a working relationship with these businesses in hopes of truly furthering their efforts and making them more successful. In these cases, representation is easy as we have a strong relationship and the desire to see these businesses or individuals succeed. Is this relationship functional, however, if we don’t believe in what we’re marketing?

In basic conversation, most people avoid the topics of religion and politics because we’d rather not offend people or force our values down their throats. The same can be said in the business world, in a service based business relationship, we sometimes have to put our feelings to the side and work to the best of our ability for that client. Is there an instance where it is too much to swallow?

Can a strong proponent of the animal rights movement work for a fur company with any degree of intensity or passion?

Can an upstanding member of a religious community represent someone that has abandoned all concepts of what he has been taught is morally right? Essentially, at what point do we have to bow out gracefully? In times of a strained economy, a lot of people accepted positions they never would’ve considered before, because their families had to eat. As the economy has started to rebound, and we’re slowly progressing back to good, are we still stuck in the same mentality; anything to feed, clothe, and house our families? In the business world, do personal beliefs factor into decision making or is it simply all about the money?

At what point does the offer of money outweigh our personal integrity? Is there a certain point at which we will, indeed, sacrifice our souls for a paycheck? In a professional capacity, what factors do we use to make a decision in a situation such as the aforementioned conundrum? All too often, we’re asked to clam up about our beliefs in daily life, whether it is simply accepting a deluge of moral ambiguity on social sites or