September 20, 2021
Seat Belt Safety - Do You Need a Seat Belt in the Back Seat

Seat Belt Safety – Do You Need a Seat Belt in the Back Seat?

While there is no law that requires anyone in the rear seat that’s considered to be an adult, or at least adult-sized, to wear a seat belt, it’s actually a great idea for everyone. The purpose of a seat belt is to be the first line of restraint against any potential injuries in a crash. For some reason, many of us don’t think of this particular reason to wear a seatbelt in the back seat when we ride back there, but if we did, more injuries might be avoided during crashes.

Back Seat Seat Belt Study


In a recent study by the IIHS, it was found that the risk of dying in a crash was the same as when seated in the front seat. One of the key differences between these two seating positions is the fact that the occupants in the front seat are required to be restrained at all times and have the benefit of airbags and other injury prevention systems that will help make sure you won’t end up hurt as badly in a crash, but the rear seat doesn’t offer the same level of protection for you at all.

The fact is an unrestrained occupant of the rear seat is eight times more likely to sustain an injury in a crash compared to a person wearing their seat belt. Even with side curtain airbags that can deploy in a crash those who sit in the back of the car are more likely to sustain an injury when they aren’t restrained by a seat belt. The truth is, this area of the car is more dangerous than the front and even when wearing a seat belt it’s possible to have an injury in a crash, and certainly much more likely when you aren’t restrained at all.

For those that were surveyed, many said they use the seat belt in the rear seat all the time, but those that don’t use it admitted they don’t because there is no law to require the use of a seat belt in this area of the vehicle. These folks admitted if there was such as law they would then use the seat belts in the rear seat and be safer than when they ride without the use of the seat belt. The question that comes to mind is whether or not a law should be required in order to get you to use a seat belt when you sit in the back seat?

Considering the inherent dangers of riding in a vehicle, regardless of the seating position, it seems that logic should come into play. If you’re eight times safer in the back seat with a seat belt on you should wear it so that you can avoid injury and allow yourself the most protection possible. The backs of the front seats aren’t going to keep you from getting hurt or killed when seated in the back; buckle up and stay safe when on the road.