July 24, 2021
5 Digital Marketing Trends Dealers Cant Ignore in 2019

5 Digital Marketing Trends Dealers Can’t Ignore in 2019

Digital marketing is constantly and rapidly evolving with something new at every turn. To stay ahead of the curve (and the competition) it’s vital for businesses to keep up to speed with the latest developments when implementing marketing strategies. And to help you along, here are 5 digital marketing trends that you, as an auto dealer, can not ignore in 2019.


Not everyone is familiar with the term ‘micro-moments’ but pay attention -its impact is huge. Consumer behavior has changed dramatically since mobile devices became such an important part of daily life. ‘Micro-moments’ are described as ‘intent rich’ moments the times when a person turns to their device to act on a need -to know something, go somewhere, do something, or buy something. Technology has made us impatient and we’ve come to expect quick results when we’re looking for them. So, as a dealer, you should anticipate these micro-moments and be thereto help when they occur, provide a relevant digital experience for consumers having a ‘moment’ and then quickly get them the answers they need.

Monitoring Website Activity

Consumers leave digital footprints all over websites, and they tend to be repeat browsers. It’s been shown that 68% of buyers return to a website after they’ve called, chatted or filled out a form. Businesses can monitor this activity and act accordingly. Know who your customers are, what they’re looking at and when to reach out. So it’s a good idea to invest in tools that can help you achieve these goals.

Voice Interaction is on the Rise

Siri, Google, Alexa, and other smart devices are changing the way we search for information and verbal interaction with devices is rising. It’s predicted that 30% of web sessions will come from voice searches by 2020. It’s an easier way for consumers to interact and shop online. But it does present challenges as conducting a voice search offers fewer choices than a typed in search. So businesses should pay attention as this evolves and optimize pages for speech.

Review Management

Reputation is king for any business, especially online, as consumers pay close attention to reviews and ratings when choosing where to spend their money. 97% of consumers read online reviews and 85% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Be proactive when managing reviews. People are quick to complain and love to vent online, but satisfied customers often need a little prompting, so make it your policy to ask them for a review. It’s important for an employee to actively monitor reviews and respond accordingly. It’s imperative that reviews –especially the negative ones –receive a professional, personalized response.

Personalized Communication

Get personal –in a good way! ‘Personalization’ is the new buzzword of 2019. Speaking directly to a customer, making them feel their wants and needs are being met, will result in more sales in the long run –possibly up to a 30% increase in close rates. Canned and auto-responses are not going to cut it anymore, customers want and expect the personal touch.