April 14, 2021
Animal Adoptions Increase Significantly During Coronavirus Pandemic

Animal Adoptions Increase Significantly During Coronavirus Pandemic

You don’t have to be lonely when you’re alone. Animal adoptions, especially of dogs, have soared during the coronavirus pandemic.

We were told to stay home, stay safe, and avoid contact with those that don’t live with us. We were also told that pet animals, mostly cats and dogs, couldn’t catch this virus, which makes it the perfect time to fill the loneliness you might feel with a new pet.

Crazes Have Happened Before

Other times in our history, we’ve seen crazes take place, mostly around toys that kids wanted for Christmas. In 1985 it was the Cabbage Patch Kids, while Tickle Me Elmo was all the craze in 1996. That means 2020 will quickly be the year of amazing pet animal adoptions taking place as more people look to find an animal to socialize when they can’t go out and visit with family and friends.

One Pet Can Work for Many Families

How did your neighborhood socialize during the in-home orders of the pandemic? Did you go to the cul-de-sac and enjoy a socially-distanced drink or conversation? Some families did this and took their new pets out to run from one person to another playing and being pet. Of course, this was mostly for the dogs, but a whole neighborhood could enjoy the companionship of a dog during these visits.

The Animal Adoption Numbers have Skyrocketed

The surge in animal adoptions through shelters, agencies, and pet stores increased suddenly in mid-March and continued to surge through the rest of the year thus far. All types of pet providers have reported more consumer demand than there were animals to fill the need. Some rescues were reporting dozens of applications for individual pets, making it easy to see that pets around the country were going to be happier than ever.

Social Media and the Coronavirus –A Match Made…Somewhere

You can see where that title was going, but the point is, when the stay at home order came in, we all had more time on our hands than ever before. If you were used to going to work and suddenly were told not to, you weren’t going to sit on your thumbs. It’s likely you viewed your social media sites and found some pets being offered by shelters and services that needed to be adopted. How could you resist the cute faces looking back at you? Considering the numbers, it appears you probably didn’t resist them at all.

Some Shelters Have Low Inventory of Pets

When you visit an animal shelter, regardless of if it’s privately or publicly run, you expect to find a pet in every stall and sometimes more. Some pet shelters have had so many animal adoptions in recent months, they have no inventory and have applications on file with a waiting list. This doesn’t happen often at all. It seems we’ve adopted most, if not all, of the pets that are available out there and some people are still waiting to get a new dog or cat.

See the Gratitude of an Adopted Pet

With the increased level of animal adoptions around the country, more pets will be happier this year than ever before. Those pets who have spent several months in a shelter have been adopted and returned by one owner because of a flaw in the match, will now have a home with a family to love them for a long time. There are very few things quite as innocent and beautiful as the look you see in your pet’s eyes because you show them love.

Foster Animal Adoptions are Turning Permanent

Some people are generous with their time and energy and will take in a pet and foster them until a permanent home can be found. During this pandemic, many of these foster homes have simply adopted these pets and allowed them to be part of their families. This means even more pets have been adopted and fewer are available to those who want to have a new pet. This is an amazing time for pets in our country.

What if You Want to Adopt a Pet?

Because of the rise of animal adoptions, there’s a good chance you’ll have a hard time finding a new cat or dog that you want if you’re looking for one. Even so, you can often find ads for animals that are “free to a good home” and that will cost a little bit if you go to a breeder. With so many shelters empty, it might be harder to find a pet, but if you want to find your next cat or dog to love, you might have to wait just a few months for a match.