September 19, 2021
Four Teams Left in Major League Baseball –Who Will Come Out On Top

Four Teams Left in Major League Baseball –Who Will Come Out On Top

We are down to the final four teams in the Major League Baseball postseason and wonder who will be the final team standing.

Winning the World Series this year will have been different than any other year when it’s completed. With the pandemic-truncated season of only sixty games and a sprinting postseason in a location, none of the teams call home, its going to be one for the record books.

Taking a Look at the Final Four Teams

Los Angeles Dodgers

Unless you are a Dodgers fan, you might find it hard to root for the Dodgers. This team is one of the few juggernaut teams with unlimited money and resources to build a team. The vitriol for the Dodgers is only surpassed in baseball by the New York Yankees. Even so, the Dodgers have a lot to offer during this postseason.

Currently, the Dodgers have won eight consecutive National League West Division titles but have not found themselves with the World Series trophy in their hands since 1988. For this team, its easily “World Series or Bust” as they have been built to take on the baseball world and win with a deep lineup, power-hitting, excellent starting pitching, great pitching depth, and outstanding defense. The one glaring weakness for the Dodgers is their closer.

Atlanta Braves

Darlings of the East and a stalwart team that has become an organization that many baseball purists respect and admire, its easy to root for the Atlanta Braves. This is especially truck when you think about them going up against the Los Angeles Dodgers during the National League Championship Series. The Braves are postseason regulars with sixteen trips to the playoffs since winning the World Series in 1995.

The Braves have a team that can beat anyone in one game, but they might not have the right team to come out victorious in a seven-game series, which is what they currently face against the Dodgers. The Atlanta Braves bring good offense, excellent power, bullpen depth, and great pitching at the top of their rotation to the game. Unfortunately, they lack starting pitching depth and don’t have many strong players on the bench that could add to the game.

Tampa Bay Rays

If you’re looking for a small-market team to love with payroll to match, the Tampa Bay Rays could be the team for you. The Rays have a strong young team full of brash players that just want to keep on playing baseball every day. Making their sixth playoff appearance since 2008, the Rays play with fun, energy, and have ridden a stellar pitching staff into the American League Championship Series.

The pitching staff of the Tampa Bay Rays will light up the radar gun with a chance at seeing three digits show up in the velo column regularly. This team is exciting and could be the team that can grab your attention if you like energized baseball. The Rays bring impressive pitching depth, amazing bullpen versatility, power-hitting, an excellent outfield, and speed on the bases. They do tend to strike out a lot and don’t often hit for average, which could be a bit of a problem for them.

Houston Astros

The baseball world isn’t over the cheating scandal that stained the 2017 World Series Championship of the Houston Astros. In a sport the embraces cheating, this team crossed the unwritten and unimaginable line during 2017 and continues to be the villain of the league. That’s just fine with the Astros, they don’t seem to mind being the bad guys as long as they keep on winning. So far, this villainous position has landed them in the American League Championship Series.

As a team, the Houston Astros are tough, experienced, and gritty, which could make it difficult for the Tampa Bay Rays to put them away during the American League Championship Series. The Astros bring an excellent starting lineup that’s only getting better, a team that hits the ball all over the park, excellent awareness on the base paths, and amazing starting pitching depth. The weaknesses for the Astros include an inexperienced bullpen and bench, which could show themselves in a seven-game series.

Which of the Four Teams Will You Root For?

Are you going to cheer for one of these four teams to win the World Series? Will it be the underdog Atlanta Braves taking on the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers? Will you cheer on the Dodgers as they look for their first World Series win in thirty years? Are you going to cheer the Tampa Bay Rays and their young team taking on the “bad boy” Houston Astros? Do you want to see the Astros shove a World Series win in the faces of the rest of the league after being marked as cheaters? Pick your team and ride them through the rest of the Major League Baseball postseason.