August 15, 2022
Can You Actually Control Being in a Good Mood?

Can You Actually Control Being in a Good Mood?

You might think it impossible to find your way from a bad to a good mood but there are some things you can do that will change your mood.

Of course, if you’ve recently experienced personal hardship it might be a lot harder to find your way to a positive feeling, but most of the time, your mood is a result of short-term recent events that you can move away from quickly.

Great Ways to Improve Your Mood

Some ways to change from a bad to a good mood are quick and easy fixes while others will take time to accomplish. Here are some of the ways to adjust your feelings toward a positive area of your life.

Use a Gratitude Journal

Before you find yourself in a foul mood, take time in the mornings to write down things you’re grateful for. You could put these on small slips of paper and into a jar or use a journal to keep them in book form. When you find yourself in a bad mood, take a look at these items and remind yourself of the positive aspects of your life. You’ll quickly find yourself in a good mood and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Go Outside and Take a Walk

Your foul mood could be the result of the stress of your day getting to you. If you can get away from your desk for a little bit, a walk outside could be exactly what you need to be put in a good mood. This serves the purpose of giving you some fresh air and a little bit of exercise that offers two ways for your mood to be improved.

Put Some Upbeat Music On

Do you listen to music throughout your day? What type of music is it? If your music isn’t happy and upbeat, it’s time to change the tune. Your mood can be related to the type of music you listen to, especially if you have it playing all day long while you’re working. Put on some happy music and listen to something that’s going to put you in a good mood every day.

Have a Great Snack

We know that sugar and caffeine can both help perk you up and give you some energy. Along with this, chocolate is often used to enjoy a burst of endorphins and serotonin. Combine a cup of coffee with a little bit of chocolate and get the best of both of these things. If you can eat and drink slowly, you’ll find the positive feelings you’ve been looking for as they sweep over you.

Pay it Forward

Do you go through the drive-thru during lunch every day? If so, you could pay for the meal for the person behind you. Do you have a friend that could use a nice homemade card or a special meal? Go ahead and make it for them. Doing something nice for someone else can give you the positive feelings that come with giving and put you in a good mood.

Add More Vitamin C to Your Diet

Vitamin C is needed for you to create the materials that help to regulate your mood and combat depression. You can get the double benefit of eating citrus fruit and smelling it which both have benefits to improving your mood from a negative one to that of a positive feeling. Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet and you’ll see that you have a good mood more consistently.

Find a Great Way to Exercise

Whether you love yoga, jogging, lifting weights, walking, biking, or any other form of physical activity, spending time doing something physical will release endorphins and help you be in a much better mood. You’ll feel more fit and be active, which is good for your body, and have the time to put your mindset where it should be. Let your exercise help you be in a better mood.

Get Dirty and Enjoy Some Playtime

While getting dirty might not appeal to everyone, the cool feeling of dirt and mud while planting a garden or repotting a plant can be highly therapeutic. Your mood can change to a good one when you spend some time working with and playing in the dirt. If you have small kids, this is a great way to show them that fun can be found in the simplest form by getting dirty.

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