September 19, 2021
Enjoy the Wild, Wonderful Splendor of West Virginia

Enjoy the Wild, Wonderful Splendor of West Virginia

It might not be your typical vacation destination but the splendor and beauty of West Virginia can give you an adventure you’ll remember.

This impressive state is landscaped mostly by the Appalachian Mountains, which gives you some breathtaking views and amazing trails for you to experience during your visit. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive places to visit when in West Virginia.

Enjoy a Visit to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

The junction of the Shenandoah River and the Potomac River is where the small West Virginia town of Harpers Ferry resides. This is where John Brown’s raid on the US arsenal took place in 1859 which pushed on the start of the Civil War. Even if you’re not interested in the history of the area, you’ll enjoy the sights and beauty where these rivers meet.

Enjoy the Scenic Area of the New River Gorge

If you’re looking for some outdoor fun, one of the greatest misnomers in West Virginia is waiting for you. New River is one of the oldest rivers on the continent and it cuts through the gorge to give you plenty of great ways to have a lot of fun. Be sure to take some photos of the New River Bridge which is one of the most photographed sites in the country.

Admire the Beauty at Blackwater Falls State Park

The Blackwater River flows dark and this is why this river is named the way it is. You’ll love the falls that drop 60 feet over the sandstone ledges before meeting the river to move through a long gorge. You can view the falls from platforms and see how amazing this site is. Other great falls to visit in West Virginia are Elakala Falls and Pendleton Falls.

Hike Through Monongahela National Forest

You can enjoy the views and wildlife of this forest which takes you to the highest point in the state. That’s truly saying something considering the number of mountains in West Virginia. At 4,863 feet above sea level, you’ll enjoy the terrain and waterways that give you more than 900,000 acres of room to enjoy the natural wonder of this spectacular state.

Spend Some Time Skiing at Snowshoe Resort

Three separate skiing areas are offered to give you the experience you want. You can enjoy winter downhill skiing all year long at this resort. You can also make your want to Silver Creek and enjoy some night skiing and hiking tails to give you the fun and experience you’re looking for. Enjoy a weekend or spend an entire week at this ski resort area that you’ll visit.

Spend a Couple of Nights at The Greenbrier

To balance out a wilderness adventure with a little pampering, you can spend a couple of nights during your vacation at The Greenbrier. This hotel has hosted 26 presidents and offers you the benefits of being one of the most luxurious a location you can find. There’s also a lot of history with The Greenbrier as part of its story, which is how the hotel has been designated as a National Historic Landmark several times over.

Visit the Seneca Caverns During Your West Virginia Vacation

The Seneca Caverns began to form 460 million years ago and it is a great place for you to visit and tour when you’re in West Virginia. The caves were used for shelter as early as the 1400s and were later rediscovered by Lavern Teter, after whom Teter Hall is named. Enjoy the guided tour when the day is hot and you want to get out of the sun.

Enjoy a Gothic Visit to the West Virginia Penitentiary

From April through November, you can tour this grim prison and this location housed as many as 1,000 prisoners at atime. This massive Gothic structure was opened in 1876 and the final prisoner left in 1995. This was the location of many fires, escapes, riots, and nearly 100 executions during its time in use. You can see how some of the prisoners lived during their stay at this fortress.

Enjoy a Walk in Historic Charles Town

You might be confused with the state capital of West Virginia, Charleston, but Charles Town is a completely different location. This town was founded in 1787 and still has many of the original homes in place for you to see. This small, quiet, and quaint town can be a place where you relax and enjoy lunch or take a walk back in time.