September 19, 2021
So Many Cool Things to Do When You Vacation in Maryland

So Many Cool Things to Do When You Vacation in Maryland

What can you find to do when you take a vacation in Maryland? There are many cool things to do during your time in this historic state.

Maryland has been a state that has been involved in every war in the country and was one of the original thirteen colonies. Visit some great places and see things you never thought you would.

Enjoy a Tour of Fort McHenry

Located in the busy area near the Baltimore Harbor, you’ll find Fort McHenry. This fort was completed in 1803 and served as a location that defended against British attacks in 1814. This fort kept Baltimore from being taken and inspired the writing of The Star Spangled Banner. Your tour can take you on the ramparts, through the buildings, and be offered a presentation of the history of the fort.

Family Amazement Awaits You at the National Aquarium

Baltimore is home to the National Aquarium and the building overlooks the Inner Harbor. This is a place that the entire family can enjoy when you’re taking your vacation in Maryland and everyone will come away with a favorite item from the tour. There are several levels to the aquarium that features more than just sea creatures for you to admire.

Make Your Way to Assateague Island

On Assateague Island, you’ll find a state park bearing the same name to give you a great place to visit and admire. This island is along the Eastern Shore and offers swimming and surfing for you to enjoy. You’ll also see a variety of wildlife including feral horses that spend their time on the island. This could be a great place to go camping and enjoy a relaxing visit.

The Ocean City Boardwalk is Really Cool

Yes, when you vacation in Maryland you should visit the Ocean City Boardwalk and enjoy the amazing activities and shops along the way. You’ll also see the popular Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and a carousel that dates back to 1902. Enjoy the food, the fun, and the festivities of this boardwalk when you’re in Ocean City. This is a place where many visitors travel every year to enjoy the fun offered.

Make Everyone Aware with a Visit to the Antietam National Battlefield

One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place at the Antietam National Battlefield. Nearly 23,000 men were killed or wounded in this battle and the battlefield lives on as a reminder of the unnecessary loss that took place during a war between the North and South in our own country. This is certainly a place that’s worth a visit to give you and your companions some perspective.

Tour the U. S. Naval Academy Museum and Cathedral

The United States Naval Academy is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world and it’s a wonderful place to learn and admire much of the history of the Navy. When you’re on vacation in Maryland this a great place to go and enjoy a tour. You can also enjoy some time in the cathedral when you’re in Annapolis.

Check Out the Wildlife at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

One of the most impressively preserved areas that you can see is Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. This area is only 12 miles south of Cambridge along the Eastern Shore and it offers 26,000 acres of marshes, ponds, and forests for you to admire and enjoy. The best time to vacation in Maryland when you want to see this area is in the spring and fall.

Visit Frederick and Admire the Antiques

When you love to see old buildings and find great items that are labeled as antiques, you’ll be pleased with what you find in Frederick. This city was founded in the middle of the 18thcentury and still has much of the historic area to give you the feeling of the colonial times. Visit the Barbara Fritchie House and enjoy the period décor you see in this amazing home.

Spend Time Along the Chesapeake Bay

Your vacation in Maryland requires that you spend some time along the Chesapeake Bay and see what’s going on in this amazing waterway. You’ll find many different fishing opportunities, cool boats, along with bridges and piers that make spending time by the water a joy for you. You’ll want to dine at one of the restaurants along the bay and taste the Maryland Blue Crabs that are offered.