September 20, 2021
Porsche Begins New Model Production - When Will It Arrive

Porsche Begins New Model Production – When Will It Arrive?

Porsche has been working on the Mission E Concept for a long time and is ready to finally put one of these vehicles into production. The first concept models of this electric sports car offered us a look at a model that appeared to be a bit of an active and fun car to drive on the road, but the model that will enter production is something a bit different. This new vehicle from Porsche is one that will enter production as the Mission E Cross Turismo, which makes it a bit of a crossover off-road wagon that might be a lot of fun.

Will it Look Like the Concept Porsche?

We knew the Mission E would be offered in some form from Porsche at some point in time. This new wagon model was shown as a concept model in the spring at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. This new model has the possibility of being called the Taycan to be a vehicle that will line up well with the rest of the SUV models offered by the brand. This new version of the Mission E could be made to be a complement to the Taycan or it could be a completely different item altogether.

What Will the Mission E Cross Turismo Offer?

This new vehicle will likely offer us as much as 600 horsepower and a range of up to 300 miles to make it one of the longest range electric vehicles on the market. The system used to create the power will be the new 800-volt electrical system that allows this to be a car that can be excellent for you to enjoy the drive. The charging system offered allows the battery to charge to 80 percent in 20 minutes with a 350-kW charger.

When Will We See This New Car

The new Porsche Taycan will arrive next year and the wagon version, the Mission E Cross Turismo, will arrive shortly after that. The 2020 model year might be when we see this car make its debut on the market. Right now, Porsche has had to add 300 new jobs to the plant in Germany in order to produce this car and offer it for our enjoyment. This is a serious positive for Porsche, as is the fact that the manufacturing process will be carbon-neutral, making it possible for both models to receive the green credentials desired.