August 15, 2022
Pay Attention to Your Feelings and Emotions

Pay Attention to Your Feelings and Emotions

The guidance of your heart comes to you through your emotions and feelings. Pay attention to them and understand what they mean.

How you feel about a person, situation, decision, or event can be part of how you react to what’s going on around you. Let’s talk about some benefits of putting some stock in how you feel.

Use More than Just Your Head to Make Decisions

Your head and your heart need to be equal partners when it comes to the decisions you make. If what you choose to do makes sense both logically and emotionally, you’re probably on the right path. Don’t put more emphasis on your mind over your emotions, but make sure you listen to both and understand why you’re thinking or feeling what you are regarding the decision in front of you.

Your Emotions Can Help You Connect With Others Better

When you can understand the feelings other are having, you’ll have a much closer connection with them. It’s easier to know when your friends need you to sit and listen or to interject your thoughts when you connect with them on an emotional level. Don’t ignore how you feel or what others are trying to share with you, go ahead and let yourself experience the wave that may come over you.

Direction Can Come from Your Feelings

Sometimes you don’t have time for your head to get involved to react to a situation. When this happens, your emotions can guide you to the right way to handle a situation. If you’re faced with a true emergency, you’ll learn whether you’re brave and will take action or if you should avoid being the person that others turn to when they need help quickly.

Protect Yourself by Being Aware of Your Emotions

Being able to build a boundary between yourself and others is called emotional awareness. Understanding that you don’t want to offer over emotional control to another person can help you avoid reacting to a situation when they seem to be manipulating you to act out of character. Having this as part of your emotional toolbox can be a huge benefit to you in the long run.

Understanding Your Feelings and Emotions Teaches You a Lot About Yourself

By listening to your emotions and letting your mind analyze why you feel the way you do and what you can do to feel the way you want can teach you a lot about who you are and where you want to go. You might be in the right emotional place and be as happy as can be or you might need to do some work so that you can feel happier in your life.

Your Emotions Can Protect You From Vulnerability

When you feel that a situation isn’t right and you should turn around and go the other way, this is the protection of your emotions in high gear. Subtly, the feeling you have and knowing what they mean can help you avoid being vulnerable to what others think and what they might want you to do.

Showing Your Feelings Helps Others Be More Comfortable With You

If you’re cold, unfeeling, and closed-off, it could be hard for others to get to know you and find a comfortable position with you. When you’re connected to your emotions and let them show, even if it’s just a little, others can understand and be more comfortable around you. Don’t be afraid to show your true feeling and let your friends see how you feel.

Your Emotions Can Help You Be More Confident

You know that you’re an important person in your circle, but sometimes you might not feel that way. Understanding the short-term feelings of doubt will go away when you dig deep and remember why you are important to others who rely on you every day. This will help your confidence rise and remind you that you have intrinsic value to your family and friends who love you.

Your Feelings Can Help You Trust Yourself More

When a decision comes down to your feelings, it’s easier to trust your decision and know you’re on the right path when you understand your emotions. Some of your decisions still might not turn out the way you want, but you might not have taken a chance if it wasn’t for your feelings. Trust yourself and trust how you feel when you’re faced with a decision that can benefit your life.

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