September 19, 2021
Stop Telling Yourself Lies: Get Back On Track Today

Stop Telling Yourself Lies: Get Back On Track Today

You’ve fallen off the track and need to find your way back on track so that you can get your train running once again.

That train that we’re talking about is the one that you began when the calendar changed and you told yourself a handful of lies that quickly led you astray. We may be two months into the year, but you can still make the most of what you wanted to do to improve yourself this year.

Why Did You Make These NewYear’s Resolutions?

The celebration of a year put behind us (especially one as strange and horrible as 2020 was) makes us feel that we need to do something to improve ourselves over the next twelve months. Did you sign up for a gym membership but don’t know what the inside of that gym looks like? Have you resolved to write to friends and family but haven’t even bought stamps? Are you trying to save money but your balance is still at zero? It’s time to get back on track.

The Lies You’ve Told Yourself

When January began, you were motivated, ready to make a difference and get things done. That first early morning alarm went off and you were ready to go. By the third day, the motivation had waned a bit and you began to lie to yourself.

Here are some of the lies you’ve probably told:

•This will be easy –It sure sounds like it when you start the year

•I can’t do it –Typically said after only trying a couple of times

•This is too hard –Time to reevaluate the situation

•It should be easier than this –You might be right

•I will never get over this –Now you’re getting in your own way

•I’m such a loser –A terrible thing to say to yourself

•Why bother –There has to be a reason

•I need more discipline –This might be true, but you have to create it

•I can begin again in the morning and make it through the day –This might work, but you have to be consistent with it

Stop the Lies! It’s time to get back on track.

Give Yourself a Break and Get a Fresh Start

When you want to get back on track it means you’ve fallen off somehow. Think about how you judge others when they fall off track. Do you give them a hard time, put them down, or admonish them simply because they made a mistake? You probably don’t, so give yourself a break, take a deep breath, and get ready to start working toward your goals once again.

Seven Steps to a New Process

Whatever you did before didn’t work. We are only two months into the year and you’re no farther ahead than you were before. In fact, you might be behind where you started. Use these seven steps to find a new process and make the most of the next ten months.

Forget the Blame

Don’t blame yourself or anyone else, just get started. Treat today as your first day and make today count.

Write Down Your Goals

If you didn’t write down your goals before, now it’s time to do so. Put them in a notebook and put that book where you’ll look at it every day. You could post your goals next to your desk or mirror to see them every day.

Create Daily Progress

You may have created a goal for the entire year; now break it down into smaller bites. What can you do each day to move toward that goal?

Measure Your Weekly Progress

How did you do this week as you work toward your goals? Did you get back on track or have you slipped? Make weekly updates and adjustments as needed.

Have Fun with It

Did you forget to add a fun element to your resolutions? That fun can be a reward when you reach each goal along the way or it can be the journey itself. Figure it out and have some fun.

Make Sure your Goals are Right for You

If you’re trying to make changes that don’t work for you, it won’t be long before you’re discouraged once again. Make sure there’s a reason that fits in your life for the resolutions you’re working with.

Is it the Right Size for You?

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Make sure the goals you set for the end of the year can be attainable with the smaller bites you’ve created.

Now is the time to get back on track and achieve the goals you set for yourself. Adjust the final goals for the remainder of the year and see if you can create the success you’ve been searching for.