September 19, 2021
Racing - When the Adrenaline is Too Much

Racing – When the Adrenaline is Too Much

Racing is by nature a sport full of adrenaline and aggression. The goal of being the first to complete a variety of laps around a track causes emotions to run high and when drivers are part of some of the lower circuits of racing they often feel they have more to prove. We’ve seen some of the best drivers in the world lose their cool and chase after other drivers they feel have wronged them in some way, but often the actions that lead up to a fight aren’t as blatant as what happened at the Anderson Speedway in Indianapolis, IN recently.

This raceway is set up to be used as both a regular circuit and a figure-eight race. The race in question was using the figure-eight configuration, which can lead to more collisions and crashes, but also more exciting. Because of this layout, only a few cars are allowed on the track at a time, which you can see in the video below. With only nine cars competing in an event, it can be more difficult than ever to reach the front or be able to lead the way on a small track that weaves through the middle where you’ll have to watch for a crossing collision.

The Racing Actions that Shouldn’t Have Been

Once the pace car dove off after a caution lap had been completed you can see one car nudge another off the track and the first car ends up in a spin that leads to the car being unable to drive on the other side of the track. What you don’t expect to see is a car drive intentionally on top of another, but that’s exactly what happens. As you watch the video you can see exactly how intentional it is that the car drives up on top of the hood of the other.

The driver of the car that was underneath was obviously offended by this action because he got out of his car, while the race was still in action, walked up to the driver’s side window of the car on top and began to punch the driver. Eventually, the security staff and police got involved used a taser on the man who got out of his car and put him in handcuffs. Both drivers were arrested and charged with crimes because of their actions during this altercation.

The driver that drove up on the other car was charged with criminal recklessness and was banned by the track owner from ever competing at the track. The man who got out of the car and began punching the other was charged with disorderly conduct and will likely be disciplined as well, but not to the same extent. Drivers aren’t supposed to leave their cars during competition unless their lives are in jeopardy, which neither was at the time. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in this altercation and the other drivers on the track were able to avoid the pair in the process. Check out the video below and be amazed by what these two did at this track.