September 19, 2021
Start of Growler Werks

The Start of Growler Werks

Every day, us “old heads” are confronted with a changing world.  Millennials are the familiar faces around our offices, choker necklaces and scrunchies are coming back in style, and the humble beer is no longer all that humble.  Sure, hipsters have caused a resurgence in the popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon, but otherwise, “regular” beer is hard to find.  We live in a craft beer world, and the start of Growler Werks is just the beginning of upcoming brewery industry trends.

For anyone who enjoys a nice cold beer, there is no argument that it tastes better straight from the tap in a nicely chilled glass.  However, for most people who have numerous responsibilities, this isn’t always an option, so we’re forced to enjoy our beer snobbery at home with a lackluster bottle or gasp…a can!   Proving that there is a solution for every problem, enter Growler Werks, a company based out of Portland, Oregon who is looking to easily bring the craft beer experience into your home without extra recycling materials or a ridiculous rented keg that comes with a full commitment to one kind of beer.

Humble Beginnings

Many craft beer drinkers are familiar with the growler, but if you’re not a regular drinker I’m going to lose you a bit on the terminology.  Your standard growler is a glass jug (for lack of a better word) that is used to contain beer straight from the tap for home consumption.  Many of the popular breweries will fill a growler of your favorite beer and allow you to take it home, but the obvious problem is that once the seal is broken, the beer must be consumed rather quickly or it’s likely to lose the bubbly carbonation that makes it so delicious.  Enter Growler Werks.

When a weekend traveling to new destinations failed to impress him because of flat beer, Shawn Huff decided something needed to be done.  So, the innovative young man set about finding a better way, and find it he did.  His passion for craft beer and his penchant for great ideas led to the creation of the Growler Werks line of products.   When a glass growler didn’t work for him, he created a pressurized stainless or copper plated growler that will keep your craft beer bubbly for up to two weeks.  That is the magic of Growler Werks.

They’re going to be a bit more pricy than a simple glass growler, but they’ll last for a long time if you take care of them the proper way.  Featuring a replacement CO2 canister – that can be purchased at many different retailers, including kitchen supply stores and Amazon – you don’t ever have to worry about losing pressure on your favorite brew.  With a standard cartridge you should have enough pressure to keep your beverage frothy and clean the growler when you’re done.

In the generation of “anything you can do, I can do better”, Growler Werks products are also perfect for the home brewer as you’re able to use your growler to force carbonation in as little as two or three days using a slightly larger CO2 canister.  You can even use it for other carbonated beverages if you’re not a beer drinker.  Whatever beverage strikes your fancy, there’s a growler from Growler Werks for it.

The company may have seen pretty humble beginnings, but their business is booming in Portland and online.  Take your newly purchased growler into any brewery that is regulated to sell or fill growlers and you’re all set.  It’s just a couple simple steps between you and a nice frothy craft beer at home, thanks to Growler Werks!