January 16, 2021
Motor Oil - You’re Not Using Your Grandfather’s Version

Motor Oil – You’re Not Using Your Grandfather’s Version

There was once a thought that you needed to replace your motor oil whenever the seasons change. If you think about it, the guidance you received that an oil change needed to be done every three months or 3,000 miles falls right in line with this, but the motor oil used in the market today doesn’t require this at all. In fact, we have some motor oil on the market today that can be put in your car and last a full year or up to 20,000 miles, making the regular oil changes a thing of the past.

What Does Motor Oil Do?

Your engine is made of many different metal moving parts that heat up and need to be able to move past each other. The internal combustion engine is just that, an engine with internal explosions every time the pistons fire and compression takes place. Gasoline may be used as the fuel, but oil keeps things moving. The motor oil you use is meant to lubricate the parts of your engine to allow them to continue to move past each other and operate properly at high temperatures and at high revolutions.

In the Old Days

The motor oil used in the vehicles of the past wasn’t chemically built to be used in a variety of seasons. With more time on their hands and fewer distractions, our parents and grandparents were much more in tune with their vehicles, which were more simply built than cars are today. Changing the oil was a seasonal need because motor oil only had one weight rating and the same oil wouldn’t work well in the winter as in the summer, making this maintenance and service a need that’s no longer the case in the world we live in and drive in.

Multi-Weight Oil

The weight rating of oil is its viscosity which allows you to know how well it will perform at higher temperatures and under more pressure. Normally these weight ratings come with two numbers such as 10W-30, which tells you the temperatures the oil can work at in winter and in the summer. Because most oil can perform perfectly across a wide range of temperatures, you no longer need to make the seasonal change of the oil and only need to change it when the oil is no longer performing the way you need it to.

Blends That Help Your Engine

Not only is the motor oil in your vehicle made to last longer and perform at a variety of temperatures, but you can also have synthetic blends that have been improved on a molecular level to give you the performance you want when you drive. Make sure you use the right motor oil for your engine but don’t worry about the seasonal change that’s become a thing of the past. Your engine will last a long time when you use the proper oil or spend a little more for the synthetic blends that can offer you excellent results.