January 16, 2021
Tesla Roadster - Can it Really Drive That Fast

Tesla Roadster – Can it Really Drive That Fast

The unveiling of the newest Tesla Roaster that will make its way to the production line in 2020 has brought about a large amount of admiration and conversation regarding the vehicle. This new super sports car that will make use of a fully electric powertrain to have the range desired to make several fast laps on the track that you’re going to enjoy when you want to drive this amazing model. As a vehicle that is expected to be able to reach a top speed of 250 mph, one claim that Tesla has made might not be possible.

The team at Tesla has claimed that the new Roadster model will be capable of racing to the speed of sixty mph in only 1.9 seconds. This speed would make the Roadster the fastest production car ever built. Even though this is will become the car that can reach speeds faster than any other, it might not be quite possible for the Roadster to reach the sixty mph mark in the time stated because of one aspect of the car that’s needed in order to make it to this particular speed at the track.

The Common Element of Tesla

When you take a look at the excellent car and make it the right one for the drive, there is one common element that is found in this car that’s also found in every model offered on the market. Tires are one item that’s common to all vehicles, although there’s no guarantee that Elon Musk won’t find something to wrap the wheels in that we’ve never seen. Assuming the Roadster will have tires on the wheels there is a distinct possibility the car won’t quite reach sixty mph at the time that was stated by Musk at the unveiling of this car.

Whether the math that was done didn’t account for the friction needed for the tires, or the stated speed is based upon what the powertrain would be capable of if not held back by the tires, it seems like the car wouldn’t make this speed and time. Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained has shown us in the video below that the fastest any car could accelerate to this speed with the tires that are currently on the market is in 2.05 seconds. That leaves the Roadster falling just a bit short of the mark desires due to the tires it would ride on.

Will Elon Must strap rockets to the back of this car to make it travel faster? Are the numbers going to hold out that Fenske offers in the video below? Will stickier tires be created before this car is brought to market to give us the opportunity to reach the sixty mph speed in only 1.9 seconds? Check out the video below and learn more about what will hold back the Roadster that will still reach a speed that we can admire as it races around the track; hopefully, there will be something found that will allow the car to make the run desired in the time quoted.