April 14, 2021
Weird and Colorful Cars from our Past That May Surprise You

Weird and Colorful Cars from our Past That May Surprise You

The creativity in the automotive industry can amaze you when you see something strange, different or weird driving down the road.  One of the most amazing cars shows held each year is the Woodward Dream Cruise which is where you can see a car show that’s done differently.  In a fashion that resembles an old-style parade, the Woodward Dream Cruise is offered to make it possible for you to enjoy the ride and see the cars that can drive down the road and show off what you want to see, especially if you want to see something strange.

Ford LTD Country Squire Station Wagon – If you don’t look up and see what’s on top of this car when it drives down the road you wouldn’t see the fun offered by the creator.  This appears to be an innocuous enough car as a classic family hauler, but it appears that grandma has been perched on the top of the car in much the same way she was in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movie.

Jeep Gladiator/Kaiser Jeep M715 – This massive heavy hauler is a beefed up military-style Kaiser Jeep can take on anything.  This brute is painted in gorgeous mustard yellow to make it stand out and is fitted with a roll cage that allows it to be a vehicle you know will handle the toughness of even a roll down a hill and be able to get back on its feet and keep on going.

Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet – Here is a vehicle that was built for only a short period of time, but it can be considered weird because you absolutely don’t see drop-top crossover SUVs very often.  This may not have been one of the most popular models to be built, but it certainly looks like a vehicle that could be a lot of fun as it rolls down Woodward.

Trump mobile – Showing support for the candidate they chose this Winnebago is plastered with Trump signs and looks a lot like what you might expect to see in a vintage small-town political campaign.  The only item this vehicle needs is a megaphone that can blast some of the phrases this new President loves to spout.

Customized Ford Thunderbird – The owner of this vehicle must have been bored at some point and thought to change the tenth-generation Thunderbird into a vehicle that wears the front section from the 1951 model.  This car is one that is unique and easily fits into our weird category as one of the most interesting cars to make its way down the road during the Woodward show.

Psychedelic Citroen 2CV – If you’re not familiar with the Citroen brand you might think that this is an older VW Beetle, but it’s not.  This impressive little throwback car has been plastered with symbols that make it appear to have been pulled right out of the 1970s and brought to this show.  You might expect to see the owner step out wearing bell-bottom jeans and colored sunglasses.

Hot-Rod Model A Bus – The front appears to have come from a Model A, the rear is unmistakable a school bus and this vehicle is built like a hot rod.  Why would anyone build something so outrageous; why not?  This is a vehicle that certainly captures your attention and makes you think of the creativity that it took to put this amazing machine together.

Caterpillar Custom – The Caterpillar name is painted across the front and this vehicle rides on tractor wheels, but the body comes from a Model A Ford.  This vehicle looks like it should have been in the show from the early television years, The Munster’s, but its painted in Caterpillar yellow and powered by a diesel engine to give us a unique and truly weird vehicle to see.

Dodge Ram 2500 – The name doesn’t make it strange, but the look and feel of this car do.  The truck is copper colored and doesn’t resemble the vehicle it’s built on at all.  The look is of a 1930s hot rod that is massive and long to make it an immense example of automotive artwork.  The truck/car combination barely fits in the lane, but certainly is worth a look when it rides down Woodward.

Cosmic Cruiser – You might not know where to look with this machine.  The front end looks like it should have come off a bullet train, the rear is a long and limousine styled shape and there is a gorgeous mural painted on the side to let you enjoy the artwork.  This vehicle has eight wheels and brings in 600 horsepower from an LS6 V8 engine, but these are the most boring details of the car.