September 19, 2021
You Just Might be Part of the Top Trends for 2021

You Just Might be Part of the Top Trends for 2021

Even if you don’t consider yourself a trendy person, you may already be actively engaging in the top trends for 2021.

With the recent pandemic that pretty much took away 2020, more people are at home and spending time there than ever before. Many of the trends we see for this year have to do with home living and creating the space desired.

Top Ten Trends of 2021

Working from Home Continues to Grow

The three letters we learned last year were WFH which stands for Work From Home. This has become a huge trend and those that can perform the same level of work at home as they do in the office are taking advantage of this activity. Some of us were already working from home and didn’t even know we were trendy people until the pandemic hit and our lives didn’t change much.

Kitchen Upgrades are on the Rise

While some took advantage of delivery services during the pandemic, many looked at their kitchens, ordered the items needed, and began to cook and prepare more meals at home. Those that were eating out two or three times a week to enjoy a different atmosphere began to make gourmet meals at home and learned that they could enjoy great food without leaving the house.

One of the Top Trends is to Create a Personal Wellness Room

If your office is your home gym and is also the place you meditate and relax, you’re never giving yourself a new view. Many people have worked to create a single room in their homes where they can go to unwind and relax. These rooms are being referred to as personal wellness rooms and where they have placed their gym equipment, yoga mats, and prepared for meditation.

2021 Comes with a Specific Color Palette

After the true uncertainty of 2020, many people want to see colors that make them feel safe. The cozy and safe colors that define 2021 include rich chocolate brown, moss green, and deep blue colors. Neutral colors including taupe, muted yellow, and warm white are also considered colors for this year as many designers are finding customers prefer these colors over bright and bold looks in their homes.

Smaller Homes Near Cities Are Trending

One of the top trends of 2021 is for a homeowner to look for smaller homes located near cities. Many of the new homeowners are taking advantage of the low interest rates and prefer to live in close proximity to entertainment but also have small homes that require very little maintenance. This group wants to go see the games and movies, but they want to live just outside the city and not have to make an entire day out of one of these adventures.

We Want to Let Nature In

After a time of feeling cooped up at home, one of the top trends of 2021 is to have a home with ways to view the nature that surrounds the home. This means installing skylights, large windows that open, balconies for sitting, and decks that are perfect for the grill. We want to be outside and we learned this more with the pandemic than at any other time in recent history.

The Growth of Streaming Services is Trending

You might have cut the cord on cable and refuse to pay the high price required to subscribe to this service, but you likely replaced cable with an alternative. Many are making use of the variety of streaming services offered and some movies and shows are immediately being pushed to these services where we now find our entertainment. Because streaming services can be used with an app on a smartphone, many are taking their entertainment selections wherever they go.

Families are Beginning to Live Together Again

The pandemic made it feel more important than ever that we are close to our families. More than any other time in the past century, we see generations of families living under the same roof together. You may see grandparents and children living with the generation in between and all be perfectly happy with this living situation. In fact, spending more time with the little ones is the best part of the pandemic!

One of the Top Trends is Smarter Homes

More homeowners than ever are installing smart technology in their homes to make things more interactive and automatic. Some have specific temperatures that are set for when people are home and when they aren’t, we see faucets that are smart enough to fill to a specified level in a bowl or glass, and we have homes that are completely connected which is a huge tend for 2021.